Sunday, May 5, 2019

Notice writing about road safety week

Notice writing about road safety week

Hi students today we will discuss about a notice about road safety week 

Road safety week

Road safety week 

                               ABC SCHOOL
                        SUB : Road safety week
Ref no. Date :
You are all aware of the fact that frequent accidents occur on the road during the day and night. Many succumb to death for this irresponsible act. Therefore our school has decided to arrange for a "Road safety week" on 25th May. The students are requested to assemble at the school premises on the day by 8am. The teachers will guide them. The students have to go for a procession with banners and festoons. They will bear the slogan "safe Drive Save life". The procession will be for 1 hour. The OC of the local police station will also turn up with his team. The students are asked to maintain discipline during the procession. For further information the undersigned persons may be contacted.

Countersigned by.                                       Sd                                                    
Headmaster.                                         Your name 
With seal                                                 designation 


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