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Paragraph writing format - how to write a paragraph

Paragraph writing format - how to write a paragraph 

Hi students today we will discuss about how to write a paragraph without any sense of tense or other grammatical instruction . 

Paragraph writing format - how to write a paragraph
Paragraph writing format - how to write a paragraph 

How to write a good paragraph without any sense of tense or other grammatical instruction *

1) the paragraphs which have good sides in society is to be written as follows :

(Subject) is the most valuable and powerful element of our success in life. It enriches self confidence of our running life. If we want to reach to our aim, we must attain such quality. It is need to have for mental faculty. (Subject) can bring out the word for human beings. it is important to have (subject) to retain the existence of human beings. Without (Subject) no one can achieve greatness and Glory. A man can lose his prestigious life for its absence. Most of the greatest person have gained success by it.( Subject) is the kind of knowledge, no training can teach that. (Subject) broadens our Outlook. Therefore we must have this quality at any cost. 

In this case you may write the following paragraph :

National integration, the dictionary I use, advertisement, newspaper in our daily life, social service, my ambition in life, travelling, punctuality , value of sports, self help, democracy, rights and duties of a citizen, choice of companions, discipline, dignity of labour, communication through the satellites, education in our life, Knowledge Is Power, technical education , the study of history, Leisure, necessity of physical fitness, friendship, your likes and dislikes, the place of English in the present world, Failure as pillar of success, 

2)the paragraphs which have bad sides in society is to be written as follows :

( subject) is a great and harmful problem. It is not only a common matter for our own country but also for the other countries too. (Subject) is destroying our social peace and happiness. Day by day it is going out of our control which is very alarming. keeping this problem we cannot imagine our peace and happy life. Though (subject) is very tough to remove totally from the society, but we have to try at any cost. Without removing this acute problem people can't get relief. Everybody wants a good solution for this problem. Moreover, government should come forward to overcome this problem. The law forces Agencies should arrest them who are creating this kind of problem. (Subject) is possible to remove by creating public awareness. So we should be more active to get a better solution.

In this case you may write the following paragraph :

 noise pollution, assassinations of public men, superstitions, students and politics, Strike, Evil company, procession, abolition of English from primary education, copy in the examination hall, load shedding, robbery in a running train, politics, the growing unrest among students, environnement pollution, unemployment, The Curse of dowry system, terrorism, drug addiction, communalism, deforestation, child labour, population explosion, global warming, 

3)the paragraphs based on the science is to be  as follows :

We live in the age of Science and Technology. We have invented many wonderful things. (Subject) is one of them. It is the blessings of science. We can enjoy various objectives of the world through (subject) . It has brought the remotest places of the world on hand. It has some exceptional power. We should use this technology properly. We can widen our knowledge by it in different fields. ( Subject) gives us a lot of opportunities and it mainly influence more on young generations. Is everything has its both negative and positive side, so (Subject) has also two sides and we should use only positive sides which will provide us with useful knowledge.

In this case you may write the following paragraph :

The computer, science in our daily life, telephone, mobile phone, internet, television, The Wonders of electricity, space flight, freedom of the press, man in the machine age, role of media, 

4)the paragraphs based on great personality is to be written as follows :

(The name of the personality) is considered as an item in my life. I like him very much because of his wonderful activities besides his clear cut and embedded characters. Is embedded personality has impressed my heart. For this reason he is my favourite person. His views on society, love of humanity and duty to the every steps would attract one a lot. His clarity of mind, uprightness of thought, glorious ideas, and simplicity of life can make one feel for him. 
I respect his creativity, speech and his responsibility. Man or woman like him or her is very necessary of the state. Everyone should try to build up character like him or her. It is impossible to be a real person without having a responsibility, morality embedded character and lofty ideals. For the peace and happiness we should follow him. 

In this case you may write the following paragraph :

 the person you like most, your favourite author or sportsman or businessman, William Shakespeare, Virat Kohli,

5)the paragraphs based on travel accounts is to be written as follows :

The other day I had an experience to visit to (place). I along with some of my friends hired a taxi and went there. When we reached there, we could not avoid the birds song, the swaying of the trees, the buzzing of the Humming insects. All these things were called for special appreciation. at that time I thought that life is just like a song. I forgot myself forgot the fever and fret of daily life. We spent there for some wonderful hours. Then we went to a Hotel which was booked before. after having some food they are we came out to the (place). The environnement there was a feast to my eyes. A deep piece pervaded everywhere. It seemed to me as though the Real world opened to me. The scene also gave us a feeling of great peace . Every moment we felt a new revelation. For a while My Mind was conscious, but conscious of nothing. Actually we went there in the late afternoon and saw the moon climbed up the sky which opened up a wider vista. As darkness succeeded Daylight, the only wisdom we can hope at that point of time to acquire wisdom of humility.

In this case you may write the following paragraph :

Your visit to a Riverside bed, a visit to a hill station, a visit to a historical place of importance, a visit to a sea beach, a visit to a seaside town, a journey by boat, a visit to a fair, a memorable day in your life, a festival you enjoy. 


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