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HS English suggestion 2019 for pass marks

HS English suggestion 2019 for pass marks 

Hi students today we will discuss about some important questions for the forthcoming examination of class 12 for pass marks . 
HS English suggestion 2019 for pass marks
HS English suggestion 2019 for 

Thank you ma'am 
1) " I would teach you right from wrong" - - Who said this to whom and when? How did the speaker transform the person spoken to here? (1+1+1+3=6)

2)"Eat some more, son" - -  who is the speaker? What is offered by the speaker to the listener? What picture of the speakers character is revealed in this line? (1+1+4=6)
Character of Mrs Jones.
3) why did the boy in" thank you ma'am "not run away though he found the door open? (6)
Or" and he did not want to be mis trusted now"-- who is referred to as he? Whose trust did he want to win? Why didn't he want to be mistrusted? (1+1+4=6)

 4)" so he knew he and the woman were not alone"- who are referred to as "he" and the "woman" ? How did they come into contact with each other? What led him to know that they were not alone? (1+3+2=6)

5) "the boy wanted to say something else" - - who was the boy? Why did he want to say something else? (1+5=6)
Or title of the story thank you ma'am. 
6)"I have done things" -  who is the speaker? When has the speaker done things? What does the speaker actually mean to say by this? What does the speaker say about these things? (1+1+2+2=6)
 "well I wasn't going to say that" - - Who said this and to whom? What did the speaker mean to say by that? What did the speaker want instead? (2+2+2=6) 

7) " then it will get washed this evening" - - what will get washed? Why will it be washed? How is it finally washed?

8)" she was a large woman"--  who was "she"? What happened to her? (1+5=6)
Or " pick up my pocketbook"
" ain't you ashamed of yourself?"
"I am very sorry, lady" 

Three questions 

1) what was the first question that came into the mind of the Tsar? How did the learned men give various answers to the question? what was the hermits answer? (2+3+1=6)
2)" Here comes someone running"-- who came running? What condition was he in? How did he get relief from his condition? (1+2+3=6)
3)how did the Tsar nurse the wounded man? (6)
4)" you have already been answered," - - what had already been answered? how did the Tsar at first react to the statement? how did the hermit explain the answer? (2+1+3=6)
" for the last time, I pray you, to answer my questions, wiseman " - - Who said this? Who was the wise man? when did the speaker say this? What was the answer?
5)" forgive me," - - who was the bearded man? Whom did he say this to and when? Why did he beg for forgiveness? (1+2+3=6)
6)" I resolved to kill you on your way back" - - Who said this? Whom did the speaker want to kill and why? What happened to the speaker when he tried to kill the parson? (1+2+3=6)

Poetry suggestion 2019 :
Shall I compare thee to a summer's day :
1)" so long lives this, and this gives life to thee" - - who is referred to by thee? How does" this" give life? (2+4=6)
Ans : see the answer of poetry section Ray and Martin solved Model 4. Question 3.
2)" but thy eternal summer shall not fade" - - who is eternal summer is referred to here? What is meant by eternal summer? Why shall not "thy eternal summer" fade? (1+1+4=6)

Poetry of earth 
1) why according to Keats does the poetry of earth cease never? (6)
2) justify the title of Keats Sonnet the poetry of Earth. (6)

Proposal :
1) discuss why the marriage proposal is important to all the characters? (6)
Ans :see the answer of proposal. Ray and Martin solved Model 1. Question 1.
2) how does Chekhov bring out the Russian social picture through his play the proposal? (6)

Some important SAQ questions and answers from the prose selections:
1)' that always happens' - What always happens?
That trees seem to be moving while the passengers seem to be standing still in the train compartment always happens. 
2) what would the narrator see in his mind's eyes?
The narrator would see Telegraph posts flashing by in his mind's eyes.
3) how far was the Shiva temple from Kalam's ancestral house?
The Shiva temple was about a ten minute walk from Kalam's ancestral house.
4) what did the purse of the woman contain?
The parts of the woman contained everything except hammer and nails.
5) why did the Tsar not agree with none of the learned men?
The Tsar did not agree with none of the learned men because their answers were different.
6) what according to the hermit is the most important time?
According to the hermit, the most important time is present .
7) for what purpose was man sent into this life?
Man was sent into this life to do someone's good. 
8) what were other roomers doing in the house of Mrs Jones? 
Other roomers were laughing and talking in the house of Mrs Jones. 
9) what was the Tsar's second question? 
The Tsar's second questions was - - '' who were the most necessary people? '' 
10) where was the blind girl going to? 
The blind girl was going to Saharanpur. 
11) who was the high priest of Rameshwaram temple? 
Pakshi Lakshmana Sastry was the high priest of Rameshwaram temple. 
12) what were there behind the screen of Mrs Jones room? 
Behind the screen of Mrs Jones room there were a gas plate and and an ice box. 
13) where did the Tsar fall asleep? 
The Tsar fell asleep on the threshold. 
14) who would receive the blind girl? 
Her aunt would receive the blind girl. 
15) what was the hermit doing when the Tsar came? 
The hermit was digging the ground in front of his hut when the Tsar came. 

Some important SAQ questions and answers from the poetry section:
1) what do the'' two red holes signify''?
The two red holes signify Bullet wounds marked by blood.
2) where are the feet of the soldier?
The feet of the soldier are placed among the flowers.
3) what is the most sensitive part of the tree?
The root, white and wet, is the most sensitive part of the tree.
4) who takes the lead in '' summer's luxury''?
The grasshopper takes the lead in summer luxury.
5)''.......... a voice will run'' - - whose voice is referred to?
The voice of the grasshopper is referred to here.
6) where do curled green twigs rise from?
Curled Green twigs rise from close to the ground.
7) where do the sun's rays stream from?
The sun's rays stream from the mountain top.
8) which seem one to be the grasshopper's song?
The cricket's song Seem to one the grasshopper's song. 
9) what is the soldier's pillow made of? 
The soldiers pillow is made of fern. 
10) what does a tree absorb for its growth? 
A tree absorbs sunlight, air, water for its growth. 
11) why will Shakespeare not compare his friend to a summer's day? 
Shakespeare will not compare his friend to a summer's day because his friend is more lovely and more temperate than summer. 
12) when will the music of earth cease?
According to Keats the music of the earth will never cease . 
13) how long the beauty of the youth shall remain? 
The beauty of the youth shall remain as long as the poetry will be read by men. 
14) who breaks The Silence of winter? 
The cricket's song break the silence of nature. 
15) to whom is the Sonnet 18 addressed? 
The Sonnet 18 is addressed to the poets young friend. 

Some important MCQ from the Play proposal:
1) the proposal is a - - one-act play.
2) Natalya meets Lomov , dressed in a loose-- gown.
3)'' he's old and as ugly as a worn out cab horse''. Here' He' refers to - - Guess.
4) the proposal was originally written in Russian.
5) Lomov inherited his land from his - - late aunt and her husband.
6) Lomov feels a twitch in his - - right eyebrow.
7) the price Lomov fixes for squeezer is-- 25 roubles.
8) how many pulls does Lomov get during his sleep? - - 20.
9)'' there is a merchant come for his goods'' here merchant refers to--Lomov.
10)'' they are ours'' - - Here' they' refer to - - oxen meadows.


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