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Ray and Martin solved Model 10 class 12 English suggestion 2019

Ray and Martin solved Model 10 class 12 English suggestion 2019 

Hi students today we will discuss about some important Answers to the English question bank Ray and Martin solved Model 10 class 12 English suggestion 2019.

kanyashri prakalpa
kanyashri prakalpa

Ray and Martin solved paper model number 10 class 12

 prose section :

1)" she was completely blind" - - Who said this to whom and when? Bring out the irony of the situation. (1+1+1+3=6)

Ans : see model question paper 5. Prose section 1.

2)" I have throughout my life try to emulate my father" - - Who said this? In which field did he try to emulate his father? Describe the fundamental truth revealed to him by his father. (1+1+4=6)***

Ans : see model question paper 1. Prose section question number 2.

3)" so he knew he and the woman who are not alone" - - - who are referred to as" he" and" the woman"? How did they come into contact with each other? What led him to know that they were not alone. (1+1+2+2=6)***

Ans : here "he refers to the teenaged boy, Roger who tried to snatch the purse of a large woman .
Here" the woman" refers to Mrs Luella Bates Washington Jones, a large and strong lady.

When Mrs Jones was walking Alone along the sidewalk after coming out of the beauty shop where she worked the whole day, a boy came from her behind and tried to snatch her purse. The boy lost her balance and fell on the sidewalk. Mrs Jones put a hold on the boy by his shirt front. In this way they came to contact with each other. 

When Mrs Jones dragged the boy into her house the boy could hear other roomers laughing and talking in the large Apartment house. In this way the boy came to know that they were not alone.

4)" he decided to consult a hermit, widely renowned for his wisdom" - - - who is referred to as "he"? Why did he decide to consult the hermit? Was the consultation successful? (1+3+2=6)

Ans : here" he" refers to the certain Tsar who wants to know the the answers of three questions occurred to his mind.

The Tsar wanted to know the answer of the three questions Occurred to his mind to get successful in his life. Some learned men came to him to answer these questions properly as the Tsar proclaimed a huge reward for them. But they answered these questions in a different manner. The Tsar was not satisfied with these types of answers and wanted to find the right answers. So he decided to consult a hermit who was renowned for his wit and wisdom.

Like all of the men of wisdom the hermit did not advise dry moral lessons to the Tsar but helped him to find out the answers of his moral questions himself by wisely analysing the situations faced. So I think that Tsar found the proper answers to his questions.

Poetry section :

1) how does the poem "on killing a tree" describesman's cruelty and violence to nature. (6)

Ans : see model question paper 4. Poetry section question number 1.

2) how do the contrasting images bring out the central idea of the poem "asleep in the valley"?

Ans : Rimbaud's poem "asleep in the valley" , initially presents a lovely natural scene. This is of a green valley where through flows the stream. The bright sunlight, streaming from the mountaintop, fills and brightens the valley. 
But this is not the entire aspect of the poem. The poem introduces thereafter, a very young soldier who seems to remain asleep in the valley. But he is not asleep. He is actually dead hit by to bloody Bullet shots. He looks all innocent and cute, gentle and without guile. But he is not spared by the brutal blow of War. This is what war has made of him. In this way Rimbaud registered his protest against the cruel practice of War that holds the progress of human civilization.

3)" so long lives this and this gives life to thee" - - - where is the line taken from? who is referred to by thee? How does this give life to thee? (1+1+4=6)***

Ans : see the model question paper 4. poetry section question number 3. 

4) why, according to Keats, does the poetry of earth cease never? (6)***

Ans : see model question paper 1. poetry section question number 4. 

Proposal :

1)" oh, what a burden , Lord...." - - - - who is the speaker? What does he consider as burden? Why does the speaker think so? (1+2+3=6)***

Ans : see model question paper one. proposal section question number 1. 

2) " I have come to you to trouble you with a request "--- who has come to whom? What is the request? What does the person think to be the purpose of the visit? How does a react to the request finally? (1+1+1+1+2=6)

Ans : in Anton Chekhov's one act play the proposal Lomov has come to chubukov's house. 
He comes to chubukov to pray for his daughter's hand for marriage. 
Chubukov at first think that Lomov has come to him to borrow money as before. 
When chubukov understood that Lomov has come to his house to pray for his daughter's hand for marriage, he becomes glad and embraces and kisses Lomov. He gives his all blessings to Lomov for the news and behave in some idiotic way. But he went into her house to call Natasha, nick name of Natalya. 

Writing section :

1) write a report on the success and or failure of the kanyashree prakalpa in safeguarding as well as in promotion the education of a girl child in your district. (2+8=10) **

Ans : Success of the kanyashri prakalpa 
Your name 
Kanyashree scheme for the benefit of the female students reading in class 8 to 12 in Government sponsored schools of West Bengal. Each girl student of 14 + age group with a low family income is eligible to get a grant every year for continuing her studies. Once the student passes the HS examination, she is eligible to get a one-time grant of rupees 25000 provided she remains unmarried at the time. The scheme has benefited many students in our rural area as guardians feel encouraged to send their wards in schools and allows them to continue their studies. Again, the practice of early marriages of the girls have also been curbed for this unique schemes. Now, the number of girl student has increased in all the local schools and the number of dropouts has decreased. The scheme has injected a fresh elixir into the vein of women education in the locality. 

2) write a letter to the pradhan of your Gram Panchayat or the chairman of your municipality requesting him or her for the proper maintenance and beautification of the sports ground in your area. (2+8=10) 

Ans : your address 
The pradhan/The chairman 
Your village name panchayat /Town municipality, 
Sub : prayer for the proper maintenance and the beautification of the sports ground. 
With due respect to you I am writing this letter in connection with the sports ground of our area which is remained in a foul manner. For many days the sports ground of our area is not showing graceful manner. The villagers always use this ground to graze their cows or goats. So the ground remains dirty. There is also long grasses grow in the ground. The local players face many problems while practicing their matches. We cannot also arrange some friendly matches in this ground for this unhealthy condition. 
So it is our urge to you to take proper steps so that the ground will become beautiful as before as early as possible. 
 thanking you, your name 
                                      On behalf of your area


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