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HS English suggestion 2019 - ABTA test paper 2019 solution page 93

HS English suggestion 2019 - ABTA test paper 2019 solution page 93 

Hi students today we will discuss about some important Answers to the English test paper 2019 solution page 93 . 
HS English suggestion 2019 - ABTA test paper 2019 solution page 93
Add captionHS English suggestion 2019 - ABTA test paper 2019 solution 



1) bring out the ironical twist in the story "The eyes have it" by Ruskin Bond. (6)

Ans : Ruskin Bond story story the eyes have it the author drops a few subtle hints in the course of the narrative to prepare us for the unexpected twist that comes in the end. At first coming into the compartment the girl failed to notice the narrator and was started by his voice. This was rather strange and he was sitting right in front of her. Secondly when the narrator gave a beautiful description of Mussoorie which also happened to be her favourite place, she didn't say anything about the place. Thirdly, when the narrator asked her to describe the scenery outside, she asked him to look for himself. Finally, when she was getting down there was "some confusion" in the door way and the man who entered stammered an apology. All these were the clues of the girls blindness.
The narrator failed to understand these hints because he was intensely conscious of his own blindness. His mind was preoccupied with the thought that how best he could conceal the fact from the girl.

2) describe the picture of communal harmony painted in APJ Abdul Kalam strong roots. (6)

Ans :see the answer of prose section - question 2. Ray and Martin solved Model 3.

3) what did the bearded man promise the Tsar at the end? why did he do so? What were the answers of the hermit asked by the Tsar? (2+1+3)6)

Ans : The Tsar's new friend promised that he would serve the Tsar as a faithful slave all his life and would tell his sons to do the same.
The Tsar's enemy was overwhelmed with the man whom he had decided to kill but who, on the other hand saved his life.
For this part see the answer of prose section - Q 4. Ray and Martin solved Model 1 

4)" I would teach you right from wrong" - - who is the speaker? Comment on the character of the speaker. (1+5=6)

Ans : Here the above quoted line is told by Mrs Luella Bates Washington Jones, a strong and stout lady in the story thank you ma'am. 

Mrs Luella Bates Washington Jones is a large and powerful woman who even knows wrestling holds. She Works in a hotel beauty shop and lives in a large Apartment house. She lives all alone and comes back late at night from work and cooks a frugal meal for herself. She is a poor working woman who is kind and Frank. She is God fearing and possesses moral values and believes that anything obtained by a wrong way will cause one to suffer. She is Affectionate , sensitive and is not afraid to confess her guilt though she is secretive about the nature of her crimes.

Poetry section :

1)" and then it is done." - - what is referred to here by "It "? how is it done? (1+5=6)

Ans : in order to kill a tree completely the root of the tree is to be destroyed. So the root is pulled out entirely from the Earth. 

After this process the root is snapped totally from its support and are exposed to the scorching sunlight. Finally the tree passes through various processes of scorching, choking , Browning, hardening, twisting and withering. In this way it is completely killed. 
In fact the poet is ironical enough here. He clearly brings out how greedy, selfish men are engaged in the act of deforestation in a ceremonial way. The title also confirms the poet's ironical attitude to those who keep themselves meticulously engaged in this deed.

2) describe the smile of the soldier. Bring out the anti-war attitude of the poet described in the poem asleep in the valley. (2+4=6)

Ans : the poet saw a soldier in a valley lying open mouthed. His smile is like that of an innocent guileless child.
For this part see the answer of poetry section Q 2. Ray and Martin solved Model 10.

3)" this gives life to thee" - - - what will give life and to whom? How will this give life to thee? (1+1+4=6)

Ans : see the answer of poetry section Q3. Ray and Martin solved Model 4.

4) how does John Keats describe the picture of Two seasons in his poem The poetry of Earth.? (6)***

Ans : see the answer of poetry section question 4. Ray and Martin solved Model 1.

Proposal :

1) elucidate the brief sketch of the character of chubukov in the play The Proposal. (6)*

Ans : see the answer of proposal question 2. Ray and Martin solved Model 3.

2) what social picture do you find in Anton Chekhov the proposal? (6)**

Ans : see the answer of Ray and Martin solved Model 1. Proposal - questions no 3.

3)" well, that's the way to start your family bliss" - - Who is the speaker? whom is this spoken to? Describe the context of this statement? (1 +1+4=6)

Ans : Here the speaker is chubukov in Anton Chekhov's one-act play" the proposal. "
 this is spoken to Natalya and Lomov.

Natalya is 25 and she is desperate to get Lomov as her husband. Lomov has also reached a critical age of 35. He is unwilling to delay his marriage anymore. But there is no harmony in the relationship between Lomov and Natalya. Lomov suffers from a strong ego while Natalya is very adamant. They twice indulge themselves in scandalous quarrels- firstly, over the ownership of a small land and secondly, over the superiority of their Hunting dogs. Then they suddenly get married, they declare themselves happy. But Natalya still continues claiming that squeezer is a better dog while Lomov Claims superiority of guess. Chubukov thinks that this type of quarrel will be a regular occurrence in their conjugal life.

Writing :

1) write a report for annual prize distribution ceremony :

See the answer of writing section question 1. Ray and Martin solved Model 4.
Then add 
students were requested to come on the stage to receive their prizes from the hands of the chief guest.

2) letter to the officer in charge of a police station complaining about the loss of a bicycle in the market.

Ans :

                                         12. 11.18
The officer in charge,
Konnagar police station
               Sub : loss of bicycle
I would like to inform you that I have lost my bicycle on 11th November. I had left the bicycle properly locked in front of Konnagar post office and then I went to to buy some postal articles from the counter of the post office at about 10:00 a.m. 20 minutes later when I came back, I found it missing. I searched for it everywhere near the area but failed to trace it.
The missing bicycle bearing the number T 1568 is blue and 22'' high. It has a carry basket in front. It is a Hercules made. It is a brand new bicycle purchased only a week ago.
I therefore, request you to enter the case in your diary and take necessary steps to recover my lost bicycle.
Thanking you,
                                         Yours faithfully


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