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How to write a school report

How to write a school report 

Hi students today we will discuss about how to write a school report . 
How to write a school report
How to write a school report 

How to write a school report :

Subject ceremony /observation in ABC School
Your name
The subject of ABC School was observed or celebrated on date in the school premises with great enthusiasm. The school compound was decorated with banners, flowers and Garlands. The ceremony was started by-------**. Many students took part in this ceremony. A cultural programme was held on this occasion in the afternoon. The programme started with the inaugurated song sung by the school students. it was followed by recitation, lectures on this issue , dance programme etc. Later, (*) "Bisarjan", a drama written by Rabindranath Tagore was staged by the senior students of the school. The spectators were spellbound by the performance of the students. When the drama came to an end, the audience remained silent for a while and then burst out into wild applause. Everyone enjoyed the function of the school very much.

** the national flag hoisting by the headmaster of the school. (for the independence day celebration)
**planting eucalyptus saplings in the school premises by the Headmaster of the school. (for world environment day)
**A friendly football match between the students and the teachers of the school. (for the teachers day celebration)
**garlanding the outgoing teacher. (for the farewell programme)

* students who are called upon the stage one by one to receive their prizes from the hands of the chief guest. (for the prize giving ceremony)
* some gifts were handed over to the teacher on behalf of the students and teachers of the school. In his speech , teachers name recounted about his long association with the school and the students whom he had taught for three decades. (for the farewell ceremony)


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