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How to write a newspaper advertisement #PART 2

How to write a newspaper advertisement #PART 2 

Hi students today we will discuss about some important illustrations about the newspaper advertisement. 
How to write a newspaper advertisement #PART 2
Add captionHow to write a newspaper advertiseme

Houses and flats to let.

1) write an advertisement for a 2 bedroom apartment in A J C Bose Road Kolkata.

Ans : Houses and flats to let (for sale) 
A furnished south- facing two - bedroomed second floor flat with light and garage facility to let(for immediate sale). price negotiable. contact:


2) a computer centre offers a course for Madhyamik students. prepare a draft of advertisement for the newspaper.

A reputed computer centre offers a crash course all subjects for the Madhyamik candidates 2019. The two month courses will include all the question and answer of all subjects at affordable fees. Success guaranteed. Hurry up. Contact :


3) a college student seeks PG accommodation near Jadavpur University. Draft a newspaper advertisement in not more than 50 words on his or her Behalf. 

Ans : Accommodation 
A J U student seeks PG accommodation in and around Jadavpur preferably near the university. Separate room and house cooked food preferred. Rent should be cheap. Contact :

4) personal 

Draft a newspaper advertisement seeking a convent educated governess to take care of two girls. 

Ans : personal
Wanted Convent educated governess , aged 25 to 30, to care of two girls aged 10 and 13, studying in Class 5 and 8. Salary negotiable. Contact within 15 days :


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