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Class 12 ABTA solved papers page number 105

Class 12 ABTA solved papers page number 105 

Hi students today we will discuss about some important Answers to the English question from ABTA test paper 2019 solution page 105
Class 12 ABTA solved papers page number 105
Class 12 ABTA solved papers page number 105 

Prose section :

1)" she seemed nothing strange in the question" - - - what was the question? what made the writer anxious? how was the anxiety gone? (2+2+2=6)

Ans : the question was about the writer's query in the story "The Eyes Have It" - what it was like outside' the compartment of the train.
The writer was anxious because he asked his mind if the girl had noticed his blindness as she was indifferent to his query.
The writers query about the outside's landscape made him doubtful about his blindness known to the girl. But when the girl asked him to look out of the window he is anxiety had gone and he felt easy. Thus the writer's anxiety was gone.

2) who sat face to face in their traditional attire? what did they discuss? What does it tell you about Kalam's childhood? (1+1+4=6)

Ans : Kalam's father Jainulabdeen and the high priest of Shiva temple, Pakshi Lakshmana Sastry, sat face to face in their traditional attire.
They discussed spiritual matters.
The discussion between Kalam's father and Pakshi laxmana Sastry shows the sense of harmony existing between the two communities at the time. From this discussion we come to the conclusion that that the locality where Kalam lived was a peaceful one where Muslim families lived amicably with their Hindu neighbours. so there was a communal harmony prevailed in the locality.

3)how did Mrs Jones overpowered Roger? How did she take him home? how did she make Roger to make himself present table? (2+2+2=6)

While Mrs Jones was returning from her daily work a boy named Roger tried to snatch her purse from behind. But the boy lost his balance because the purse was heavy and fell on his back on the pavement. Mrs Jones quickly moved forward to the boy and picked him up by his shirt so that he couldn't escape. She shook him until his teeth almost rattled out of fear. Thus Mrs Jones overpowered Roger.
Mrs Jones held the boy tightly so that he could not run away. She wanted to rectify him by showing her tendency and motherly affection and so she dragged him to her house. in the meantime she asked him if he would run away if she turned him loose . as the boy admitted, Mrs Jones resolved to take him to her house holding him a wrestling hold to amend him through motherly care and affection.
Taking Roger to her house Mrs Jones asked him to wash his face and make himself presentable. all the while she treated Roger kindly. She revealed her generosity when She told him that in order to get some suede Shoes Roger only had to ask her for the same. She made him eat a good deal and offered ten dollars before his parting. Thus Mrs Jones made Roger to make himself presentable.

4)" forgive me" - - who asked for forgiveness to the Tsar? what was the reason for it? how did the Tsar react to this? How did this incident being a good turned to the Tsar? (1+1+1+3=6)

Ans : the bearded man who was the sworn enemy of the Tsar asked for forgiveness to the Tsar.

This man wanted to kill the Tsar, but the Tsar saved his life. To feel gratitude to the Tsar he asked for forgiveness.
the bearded man actually wanted to kill the Tsar but wounded by Tsar's Bodyguard when he came out of his Ambush to find him. To save his life he ran towards the hermits hut and fainted before the Tsar and the hermit. The Tsar nursed him by washing his wounds and bandaged it with his own handkerchief and The Hermits towel till he stopped bleeding. Later he took him inside the hut and laid him on the bed. The Tsar's enemy was overwhelmed with the man whom he had decided to kill but who, on the other hand saved his life. Thus he made peace with his enemy.

Poetry section :

1) how is the strength of the tree exposed? what happens to the tree after the strength is exposed? (3+3=6)

Ans : in order to kill a tree completely the root of the tree is to be destroyed. So the root is pulled out entirely from the Earth.

After this process the root is snapped totally from its support and are exposed to the scorching sunlight. Finally the tree passes through various processes of scorching, choking , Browning, hardening, twisting and withering. In this way it is completely killed.
In fact the poet is ironical enough here. He clearly brings out how greedy, selfish men are engaged in the act of deforestation in a ceremonial way. The title also confirms the poet's ironical attitude to those who keep themselves meticulously engaged in this deed.

2) describe the natural setting in the poem asleep in the valley. How did the soldier lie? (3+3=6)

Ans : see the answer of poetry section model 6. Ray and Martin solved. Question no 4.

3) how does the beauty of poets friend surpass the beauty of Summer? (6)

Ans :see the answer of poetry section Ray and Martin solved Model 6. Question no 3.

4) how does cricket make sure that the poetry of earth is never dead? What does the cricket remind of? (4+2=6)

Ans : see the answer of poetry section Ray and Martin solved Model 2. Question no 1.

Proposal :

1) discuss the proposal as a farce. (6)

Ans : see the answer of proposal question no 2. Ray and Martin solved Model 2.

2) " I 'll not give him any" - - who is the speaker? Why does the speaker say so? What came as a pleasant surprise for the speaker? How does he react to the surprise? (1+2+1+2=6)

Ans : here the speaker is chubukov.
Lomov has come to chubukov's house to ask for his daughter's hand. He wore a formal dress. Chubukov at first thought he has come to borrow money. So he says so.
After some hesitation Lomov informed chubukov that he has come to his house to ask for his daughter's hand in marriage. As chubukov was eager for this for many years, it was a pleasant surprise for him.

 On hearing this proposal, chubukov became glad. He embraces and kisses Lomov. Then he said that it was his continual Desire and shed a tear. He also said Lomov about his love and affection for him. then he informed Lomov that he would go and call his daughter.

3) Sketch the character of chubukov. (6)

Ans : see the answer of proposal question 2. Ray and Martin solved Model 3.

Writing skill :

1) write a report on a blood donation drive. 

 blood donation drive in MNC club
Your name
 MNC club of chuchura organised a blood donation camp in its locality on the last 23rd January. 65 members and local people donated blood in this camp and later the collected blood was sent to abc blood bank for helping patients who are in need of blood during medical emergency. This was the fifth year that a blood donation camp was organised by the club on the occasion of Subhas Chandra bose's birthday. The camp was organised under the supervision of noted physician of the locality, Dr P K Patra. All the other physicians of the locality also rendered voluntary service in this camp. The donors were provided with a Wholesome nourishment of milk and fruits after the blood donation and given a citation for their cooperation. The enterprise was appreciated by one and all in the locality.

2) write a letter to the headmaster and headmistress of your school seeking his attention to the poor condition of your school library. (2+8=10) 

The headmaster
ABC School
Sub : poor condition of the school library
With due respect to you I want to bring your kind attention to the following problems faced by the school students while using school library.
The library in its present condition cannot fulfill our demand for textbooks or reference books or any other books on General knowledge, science fiction, magazine and other informative books. The librarian also does not behave properly with us.
Therefore, I request you to take immediate steps so that the students of our school can get better facility from the library as early as possible.
 thanking you, yours obediently,
                          On behalf of the students


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