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ABTA test paper 2019 solution page 115 class 12 English

ABTA test paper 2019 solution page 115 class 12 English

Hi students today we will discuss about some important Answers to the English test paper 2019 solution page 115 for class 12.

ABTA test paper 2019 solution page 115 class 12 English
ABTA test paper 2019 solution page 115 class 12 English

Prose section :

1) comment on the character of the narrator in the story "The eyes have it". (6)

Ans : the principal character in the story The eyes have it is outspoken. He declares his blindness at the outset of the story. But he could not be truthful to the girl, his co-passenger in the solitary compartment of the train. In reply to the girls query about the beauty of The Hills of Mussoorie the blind protagonist calls up the memory of his earlier days. He does not allow her any scope to know about his blindness. This is a sort of psychological Complex that the narrator reveals To the readers. In course of his conversation with a girl, he reveals his propensity to indulge into the world of fantasy and imagination.

2) how did the Tsar serve the wounded man? what was the result? (4+2=6)

Ans :The Tsar unfastened the wounded Man's clothing with the hermits help. He saw a large wound in the men's stomach. He washed the wound and bandaged it as best as he could with his handkerchief and towel provided by the hermit. As the man was bleeding profusely, he had to remove the bandage soaked in blood frequently, wash the wound and Rebandage it. finally, as a result of the Tsar's solicitous nursing through the evening, the bleeding stopped.

 The wounded man slowly Regained consciousness and asked something to drink. The Tsar gave him freshwater and with the hermit's help carried him to a bed inside the hut. And the Tsar saved the life of the wounded man.

3) bring out the social background in the story thank you ma'am. (6)

Ans : the writer Langston Hughes was actually aware of the racial problems, poverty and social inequalities in which the Americans especially the Negro people lived. His main concern was to uplift the people who strength, struggling attitude, courage and humour were absolutely necessary for social and economic development of America. In the story we see that Roger , a poverty- stricken little boy has no one at home to bring him up. He is unfed even at 11 o'clock at night. Mrs Jones is a working lady. She has to work hard to earn her livelihood. Her past life was not soothing for her. Though She has to lead a life through hardships, she has the virtues of a human being to the truest sense of the term. In fact, she is a representative of her class. In this story story diversified nature of American culture is vividly reflected.

4) throw light on columns neverhood as revealed in strong roots. (6)

Ans : see the answer of prose section - question 2. Ray and Martin solved Model 3.

Poetry section :

1) comment on the justification of the title of the poem on killing a tree. (6)

Ans : the word "killing" means complete destruction of an object exists or working out something from Earth. In this poem, the poet describes how men encourages deforestation, defying the eternal Bond shared by the Earth and the tree. When hacked and chopped they do not die but bleed signifying that they are living beings. But man ignores their importance and to fulfill their own purpose they involve themselves in cutting down the trees, which is, according to the poet akin to murder. The poet gives vent to his protest against this abominable crime through a unique ironical criticism, wherein he instructs the murderers to be more harsh and vigorous in their act of killing a tree. The title appropriately signifies the very essence of the poem and thus the title is appropriate.

2) bring out rimbaud's view of War and the parts that lies in. (6)

Ans : see the answer of poetry section question 2. Ray and Martin solved Model 10.

3) comment on shall I compare thee to a summer's day as a successful Shakespeare Sonnet. (6)

Ans : Shakespeare's Sonnet number 18 is one of the highly admired sonnets of Shakespeare. This belongs to the Sonnet series on masculine friendship, addressed to the poet's young friend, yet unidentified. The Sonnet centres around the physical loveliness of the poets young friend. His beauty is more charming and lasting than the summer season, so rich in beauty and charm. But beauty of a summer's day is subjected to change and decay. The young friends beauty, on the other hand, has an eternal summer, through the poet's representation. As long as men can live , see and read, they shall love and admire the poet's friend who shall live eternally through his poem written in the friends praise .
The Sonnet has four divisions - three questions and a concluding couplet with 7 Rhymes. This is a typical shakespearean Sonnet with the following rhyme scheme
 a b a b(1st quatrain ), cd cd (2nd quatrain), ef ef (3rd quatrain), gg ( concluding couplet)

4) point out the two contrasting picture of summer and winter revealed in the poem poetry of earth. (6)

Ans : see the answer of poetry section question 4. Ray and Martin solved Model 1.

Proposal :

1) comment on the character of chubukov (6)

Ans : see the answer of proposal question 2. Ray and Martin solved Model 3.

2) bring out the socio-economic economic structure in the then Russian society.( 6)

Ans : see the answer of Ray and Martin solved Model 1. Proposal - questions no 3.

3) was Lomov ecentric by nature? Why did he get himself entangled in frequent debates Over trivial matters. (2+4=6)

Ans : Lomov comes to propose marriage, yet he forgets about it and gets involved in arguments. Besides he had some illness which make him sometimes nervous. So we can say that he is ecentric by nature.

See the answer of proposal question 3.(society) ray and Martin solved Model 1.

Writing skill :

1) write a report on the "world mother language day"

See any report and add the day is inaugurated by commemoration of the patriots who sacrificed their lives for the survival of our mother tongue.

2) letter to the editor for the bad conditions of the roads and frequents accidents.

Ans : see the answer of model 4. Ray and Martin solved. Writing 2.
Then add - - frequent accidents occur due to the bad condition of our the roads in our locality. For many years the condition of the roads in our locality has been very bad. The school goers or office goers or pedestrians face great problems while they cross the road. In rainy season the roads become waterlogged. Sometimes frequent accident also occur due to this condition. We have informed the authority many times but in vain.


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