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Class 12 ABTA solved papers page number 65

Hi students today we will discuss about some important Answers to the English ABTA 2019 solution page 65 class 12 English suggestion 

Prose section :

1)" the man who had entered the compartment broke into my reverie" - - - whose reverie is mentioned here? who is the man? what was the reverie about? How did it come to an end? (1+1+2+2=6)

Ans : the reverie of the narrator of the story "the eyes have it" is mentioned here.
Here the man refers to the male passenger who entered the compartment at Saharanpur Station.

Actually a reverie means daydream. In the story The eyes have it would be associated with the narrator's thoughts over the short encounter with a girl who had got down at Saharanpur. The narrator had enjoyed this short conversation with a girl.

The reverie came to an end when the new passenger entered the compartment and stammered an apology for not being so attractive a travelling companion as the girl.

2)" we lived in our ancestral house" - - what is known about the ancestral house of the speaker? Give a brief account of the speakers experience of childhood in his ancestral house. (2+4=6)**

Ans : the ancestral house of the speaker was built in the middle of the 19th century which was a fairly large pucca house made of limestone and brick on the mosque Street of Rameshwaram.
Kalam recalled his childhood in his ancestral house with his parents. Their household was devoid of any unnecessary luxury and comfort as his father did not like them. But they were provided with enough food, sufficient clothes and medicines when needed. Moreover, the locality where they lived was very peaceful and a perfect harmony reigned there. All these made his childhood is secure one.

3)" the Tsar was very happy to have made peace with his enemy" - - who was the Tsar's enemy? How did he make peace with his enemy? How did his new friend wish to serve him in his life? ((1+3+2=6)

Ans : the wounded man whom the Tsar nursed and saved the life was the Tsar's sworn enemy.
 the bearded man actually wanted to kill the Tsar but wounded by Tsar's Bodyguard when he came out of his Ambush to find him. To save his life he ran towards the hermits hut and fainted before the Tsar and the hermit. The Tsar nursed him by washing his wounds and bandaged it with his own handkerchief and The Hermits towel till he stopped bleeding. Later he took him inside the hut and laid him on the bed. The Tsar's enemy was overwhelmed with the man whom he had decided to kill but who, on the other hand saved his life. Thus he made peace with his enemy.

  The Tsar's new friend promised that he would serve the Tsar as a faithful slave all his life and would tell his sons to do the same.

4) Sketch the character of Roger as you find in the story thank you ma'am. 

Ans : Roger is a teenaged boy of fourteen or fifteen. He is tall and slim like a wild willow tree. He is dressed in blue jeans and tennis shoes. He is the boy who lives in dirt and poverty without any family to look after him. Like most other teenagers, he is crazy about dress and craves for a pair of blue suede shoes. This craving made him desperate enough to commit a crime. But at heart he craves for love and affection from which he is deprived. He is not a seasoned criminal and possesses finer sentiments and values.

Poetry section :

1)" and the root is to be pulled out" - - why is it necessary to pull the root out? what happens to the tree after this process? Explain the irony stated in the above line. (2+2+2=6)

Ans : in order to kill a tree completely the root of the tree is to be destroyed. So the root is pulled out entirely from the Earth.
After this process the root is snapped totally from its support and are exposed to the scorching sunlight. Finally the tree passes through various processes of scorching, choking , Browning, hardening, twisting and withering. In this way it is completely killed.
In fact the poet is ironical enough here. He clearly brings out how greedy, selfish men are engaged in the act of deforestation in a ceremonial way. The title also confirms the poet's ironical attitude to those who keep themselves meticulously engaged in this deed.

2)" Ah, nature keep him worm, he may catch cold" - - who addresses the nature and why? 

What note of irony is stated here? (2+4=6)
Ans : the poet here addresses the nature to keep the soldier warm because he thought that the soldier might catch a cold lying under the open Sky.
In this line the poet ironically expressed the futility of War. He expressed that death is inevitable and if death embraces a person, the nature cannot make him alive again. The creator of life would fail to insert life again in a dead person. His cold body couldn't get warmth again. This irony expresses the pity of War and the useless Ness of violence.

3)" so long lives this, and this gives life to thee" - - what is referred to here by "this "? who is" thee" here? How will it give life to the person mentioned here? (1+1+4=6)**

Ans : see the answer of "Ray and Martin solved Model 4. Poetry section - question no 3.

4)" he takes the lead... "-- who is" he"? How does he take the lead? What does he do to enjoy his day? (1+2+3=6)

Ans : Here "he" refers to the grasshopper.
He takes the lead in summer when the birds are faint for its extreme heat. Just then when the earth seems to come to a standstill, the grasshopper takes the lead from one hedge to another singing about New Mown meads.
 by singing he becomes the poet of Summer who when tired rests in weed for some moment and again continue singing happily with full of energy, delight and renewed vigour.


1) draw a brief sketch of the contemporary social life as you find in the one act play proposal.( 6)***

Ans : see the answer of Ray and Martin solved Model 1. Proposal - questions no 3.

2) " my dear fellow why are you so formal in your getup?" - - whose formal get up is referred to here? what was the get up? What did the speaker think about the getup?What was the real intention of the person behind the get up? (1+1+2+2=6)

Ans : Lomov's formal getup is referred to here in one act play the proposal.
The getup referred to here is the formal dress including dress jacket and white gloves worn by Lomov.
 the speaker chubukov thinks that Lomov comes to him to borrow money.
Lomov visits chubukov's house in his formal dress to meet chubukov. But his a real intention behind the visit is to ask for the hand of Natalya , chubukov's daughter, in marriage. Lomov prefers to maintain formality in his proposal. Besides, he is nervous and sceptical about Natalya's consent. So to gain confidence as well as to impress Natalya , Lomov puts on a formal dress.

3)"oh, what a burden, Lord, to be the father of a grown up daughter! - - - Who said this and to whom? what is the context? What does the speaker mean to say? (2+2+2+6)***

Ans : see the answer of proposal question no 3. Ray Martin solved Model 8.

Writing :

1)write a report on "an inter school debate competition"

Ans : inter school debate competition

Your name
An inter school debate competition was organised on 7th September in our school.
Students of the various schools participated in the competition. After the semifinal on 5th September among four school teams, two best teams were selected for the final. The school campus was filled up with audiences. The subject of debate was interesting - is the new generation's attraction towards social networking right? Both team put logic and reason very smartly and appropriately. The debate was very exciting and interesting as both of the teams seems to have done a good homework. The judges finally declared Rabindra Boys school, winner. They were Awarded with a cheque of rupees 10,000 and medals.

2) letter to the editor about the cybercrime that concerned you.

The Editor
The Statesman
 4 Chowringhee square
 Kolkata 7 00001
Sub : cybercrime in social network
I beg to ventilate through your esteemed daily my grievances regarding the cybercrime which is the most important topics of headlines nowadays.Cybercrime is a quickly developing region of wrongdoing. An ever increasing number of hoodlums are abusing the speed, comfort and namelessness of the Web to perpetrate a various scope of criminal exercises that know no outskirts, either physical or virtual, cause genuine damage and posture genuine dangers to exploited people around the world.
I Shall be highly obliged if you kindly publish my complain in your daily so that the public will aware of the fact.
Thanking you, yours faithfully,


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