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Sick rose suggestion 2019 class 11

Sick rose suggestion 2019 class 11 

Hi students today we will discuss about some important Answers to the English suggestions for the forthcoming examination of class 11 from the poem sick rose . 

Sick rose suggestion 2019 class 11 english
Add Sick rose suggestion 2019 class 11 english 

1) comment on the implications of the worms love destroying the roses life. (5)

Or, what is the allegorical significance of the poem '' The sick rose''. 

Ans : the worm in the poem The sick rose is the symbol of worldly experience. The worm is portrayed as a deceitful, secretive creature that flies in the ominous Night of howling storm. It has stealthily entered into the bed of the rose. Here it loves the rose with its dark secret love and gratifies itself with crimson joy corrupting the innermost core of the rose and destroying its very life. The love of the worm is not genuine as he loves it for his own Pleasure without any care for the roses well being. This implies that it is a false guise of love that brings forth destruction and death through world experience. 

2) justify the title of the poem 'The sick rose'. (5)

Ans : in the very first line of the poem The sick Rose the poet had Warned a rose about it sickness. Then he tells the rose about the cause of its sickness. He cautions the rose that an invisible and secretive worm has found its innermost Core. This worm with his dark secret love for the rose is actually corrupting it and leading it towards death. Thus the title conveys not only the main narrative of the poem but also its theme as well. The title The sick Rose also hints at the moral and spiritual message of the poem with its suggestion about the roses sickness. Thus the title is meaningful and quite relevant to the poem itself. 

3) How has the poet described the worm and its activities in the poem '' The sick rose''? (5)

Ans : in the poem The sick Rose the poet has described the worm in detail. The worm flies in the night of howling Storm and it is invisible to the rose. The rose is unaware that the worm has found out the bed of the rose. In the bed of the rose the worm turns crimson in joy with his dark secret love for the rose. Though he derives Joy out of his love, actually he is destroying the rose with his secretive and dark love. The poet has Imagined the worm as a male and it is aggressive and greedy in nature. 


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