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Ray and Martin solved Model 9(class 12)

Ray and Martin solved Model 9(class 12)

Hi students today we will discuss about some important Answers to the English question bank Ray and Martin solved Model 9.

Ray and Martin solved Model 9(class 12)
Ray and Martin solved Model 9(class 12)

Ray and Martin solved model 9

 prose section

1)'' you are tired''-- Who said this and to whom? What made the person tired? What is the speaker to for him? ***(2+2+2=6)

Ans : The Tsar said this to the hermit who was digging the ground in front of his hut in the wood.
The Hermit was a thin and weak man. Whenever he struck the ground with the spade and turned a little earth , he Breathed heavily out of exhaustion.
The Tsar saw that the hermit was feeling out of breath at every stroke he made. The Tsar felt pity for this weak person and offered to dig for him. The hermit accepted the offer and sat down, giving the spade to the Tsar. He dug two beds and continuously worked for two hours till the sun went behind the trees in the wood.

2) how did Mrs bats entertained her guest house? (6)

Ans : see the answer of model 8. Question no 3. Prose section.

3) describe the daily routine of Kalam's father. (6)

Ans : As Kalam's father was a spiritual man he got up at 4 a.m. by reading the Namaz after the dawn. Even in his let sixties his father was physically active and quite hard working. After reading the Namaz he used to start on foot to reach a coconut grove, owned by the family and located four miles away from his home. He returned home by carrying the heavy load of a dozen of coconuts, slung on his shoulder for the consumption of the family. After accomplishing his duty for his family he used to take his breakfast.

3) why did the narrator try to be familiar with the girl? (6)

Ans : in Ruskin Bond's short story' the eyes have it' the narrator had been travelling in a vacant train compartment. At Rohana a girl got in. When the girl entered into the compartment the slapping of her slippers against her heels and her voice attracted the narrator. The narrator was also bored by solitude till Rohan Station. So he was thrilled at the prospect of a conversation with a girl and asked her if she was going all the way to Dehra. He also thought that if he conversed with the girl in a simple manner his blindness might be prevent from her. so the narrator tried to be familiar with a girl.

Poetry section

1) why are the roots of a tree pulled out of the earth? (6)

Ans :see the answer of poetry section model 7. Questions no 1.

2)'' they fill the hollow full of light''-- what is the hollow referred to here and who fills it?Describe the hollow in your own words. (1+1+4=6)

Ans : here the hollow is referred to the small green valley in the poem' asleep in the valley 'written by Arthur rimbaud.
The sun's rays fills the hollow full of light.
The poet gives a beautiful picture of a valley in his poem. The vegetation of the valley is nourished by the sunlight and the sparkling waters of the silvery rivulet that flows softly at its will beautifying the valley. The entire Valley looks bright and charming as the sunlight fills up the place. Ferns grow in plenty and the soldier lying asleep in the valley has a pillow of fern under his head. There is also a wide variety of flowers of various colours. Moreover, there are also various species of insects. They sweetly Hum near the soldier. The landscape is so charming that the readers receive a rude shock when he comes to know that the soldier is actually dead.

3)'' when in eternal lines to time thou grow'st '' - - what are eternal lines? Who does thou referred to here? How Will thou grow'st in eternal lines? (1=2+3=6)

Ans : here the eternal lines refer to Shakespeare's poetry Sonnet 18.
'thou' here refers to the poets friend Mr W. H.
Death shall not be able to brag about its power over every Mortal as the poet's friend despite being Immortal will achieve immortality through the poet's verse. Death will never be able to make the poet's friend surrender to it. Although death comes down in every creature's life yet it cannot touch the poet's friend as he will be immortalized in words.

4)" he takes the lead in summer luxury" - - where are the lines taken from? When does he take the lead? what is Summer luxury? (1+2+3=6)

Ans : The lines are taken from Keats poetry 'the poetry of Earth'.
Here 'he' refers to the grasshopper. He takes the lead in summer.
In the Octave of keats Sonnet summer is characterized by the hot sun. The merciless sun rays force all the song Birds to stop singing and take refuge in the refreshing coolness of the trees. Just then a tiny grasshopper takes up the natural Symphony with its chirping. He seems to enjoy to his heart's content the luxurious abundance of the season. This is in poet's terms is called summer luxury.


1) is chubukov a sensible father? how do you know? (6)

Ans : see the answer of model number 3. Proposal 1.

2) make a brief sketch of social life as you see in the play "The Proposal ". (6)

Ans : see the answer of model number 1. Proposal 3.

3) justify the title of the play 'The Proposal'(6)**

Ans : in Anton Chekhov's one act play' the proposal', all the characters are some way or the other influenced by the marriage proposal. Lomov is desirous of having a wife. Natalya has not found her man to marry. Chubukov is worried about his daughter. He wanted to get relief by getting his daughter's married. Lomov's intention makes chubukov Jubilant. However before expressing his proposal to Natalya Lomov becomes entangled in two long arguments with her. So Natalya does not get any proposal from Lomov. However, the proposal is successfully complimented by the marriage at the end because of chubukov's Presence of Mind. For this the title the proposal is quite apt and justified.


1) write a report in about 150 words on your visit to Science City. (2+8=10)

Ans : educational tour to Science City conducted by ABC High School
Your name
Our school conducted an educational tour for the students of class 12. It was a one day tour. We were taken to Kolkata Science City for our trip. 45 students were accompanied by a team of 5 teachers and 5 security guards. We boarded the bus on 6th January morning and reached Kolkata at 10 a.m.. the bus journey was enjoyable. Throughout the journey we chatted, played Antakshari and sometimes gathered about the windows to witness the beauty of nature. We visited the Science City and were awestruck by the majestic structures. We learnt about many things from this tour. we also went shopping in a mall near Howrah Maidan. We returned home at 10:00 p.m. the trip was both educative and fun.

2) draught a letter to Shyam pukur Co-operative Society Limited for a loan of 200000 rupees. (2+8=10)

Ans : see the answer of model 5. Writing section. 2.


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