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Ray and Martin solved Model 7,HS english suggestion 2019

Ray and Martin solved Model 7,HS english suggestion 2019 

Hi students today we will discuss about some important Answers to the English question bank Ray and Martin solved Model 7. 

Ray and Martin solved Model 7,HS english suggestion 2019
Ray and Martin solved Model 7,HS english suggestion 2019 

Ray and Martin solved Model 7

Prose section

1) what did the learned men say in reply to the first question? (6)

Ans : the first question that came into the mind of the Tsar was how he could know the proper time for doing any work. Some of the learned men answered that for knowing the proper time, the Tsar should draw a table of days, months and years in advance.
Others suggested that he should watch carefully what was going on around him and decide the right time for action. Still others advised to keep a Council of wise men and some few suggested to consult astrologers for knowing the right time.

2)''........ it would stay with me for the rest of the journey'' - - what is' it' referred to here? Who felt so? How was it all along? (1+1+4=6)

Ans : Here 'it' refers to the sweet experience of the narrator's brief encounter with a girl during his short train journey.
  the narrator of the short story 'the eyes have it' felt so.
The narrator is a blind man. He lives in the world of only four senses. To him happiness is an occasional event in his occasionally pitiful life. The sweet memory of his encounter with the girl would refresh him. He would ruminate over her presence and enjoy the rest of the journey since he could not see outside. Her voice would ring in his sensitive mind and give him joy. Actually the brief encounter with the girl left a lasting impression in the narrator's mind. This is what it all along.

3) write how Abdul Kalam presents his father in his autobiographical writing strong roots. (6)

Ans : Dr APJ Abdul Kalam's father was a spiritual person. He had neither much formal education nor much wealth. In spite of these disadvantages, he possessed great Innate wisdom and a true generosity of spirit. He did not considered prayers mysterious, rather prayers made possible a communion of the spirit between people. He believed that at the time of prayer, one transcends one's body and become a part of the Cosmos, which knows No division of wealth, age, caste,or Creed. He believed adversity always presents opportunities for introspection, so there is no cause to be afraid of difficulties, sufferings and problems. He helped the people who came to him in distress as a go between in their efforts to calm demonic forces with prayers and offerings.

4) how did the lady try to arouse a sane human being out of the boy namely Roger? (6)

Ans : Roger had tried to snatch away the bag of Mrs Jones when she was returning home, as he wanted money for buying a pair of blue suede shoes. Then he was caught by Mrs Jones who dragged the frightened boy to her home but took very good care of him. She advised him to wash his face, comb his hair and shared her dinner with him. Finally, at the time of parting, she gave him ten dollars to buy the Suede shoes. With the magic touch of motherly affection, Roger was transformed from a pretty, desperate thief into a sane human.

Poetry section

1) '' no, /the root is to be pulled out'' - - why was the Word' No 'been used? How is the pulling out of the root related to the Killing of the tree? (2+4=6)

Ans : actually the word' no 'suggests the hacking and chopping the tree which can only cause pain and bleed the bark of the tree . but the bleeding bark will Heal itself and sprouts small green twigs from close to the ground with the help of its roots. so the word no has been used.
Tamil kind knows that to kill a tree completely the root has to be uprooted. So the tree has to be tied with a rope and pulled out completely from the anchoring Earth. Therefore it is snapped totally from its support and the roots are exposed to the scorching sunlight. At last the roots pass through various processes of scorching, choking, Browning, hardening, twisting and withering. This is how killing of a tree is related to the pulling out of the root.

2) justify the title of the poem asleep in the valley. (6)***

Ans : see the answer of the poetry section 2.model 2.

3) elaborate the conflict between the time and love as depicted in Shakespeare's Sonnet number 18. (6)

Ans :see the answer of poetry section 3.model 1.

4) write on how keats finds a linking tune between the two pictures in poem The poetry of Earth. (6)

Ans : see the answer of poetry section 4. Model 1.


1)''.....I'm happy too...... ' - - Who says this and when? Why is the speaker happy? How can the speaker's happiness be properly explained? (2+2+2=6)

Ans : Natalya Stepanovna says this in Anton Chekhov's one - act play' the proposal'.
 when Lomov revives from his unconsciousness, chubukov ordered him to hurry up and get married. He tells Lomov to kiss Natalya. Lomov does so and feels himself happy. Then Natalya says this.
Natalya is 25. She has become desperate to get Lomov as a husband. But she begins to quarrel with Lomov over their Hunting dogs guess and squeezer. At last her Desire gets fulfilled with lomov's kiss. So she is happy.
There is no harmony in the relationship between Lomov and Natalya . They engage twice in hilarious quarrel with each other. So there marital happiness seems to be temporary and forced.

2)sketch the character of chubukov. (6)

Ans : see the answer of proposal 2. Model 3.

3) discuss the reasons why the marriage proposal is important to all the characters. (6)***

Ans : see the answer of proposal 1. Model 1.

Writing section

1) write a report on the rampant sale of cut fruits. (2+8=10)

Ans : rampant sale of cut fruits
                        By a staff reporter 
Cut fruits have turned into a pattern these days, particularly for the general population who think that its hard or languid to cut them and have it. It is being sold by neighborhood sellers on the roadside and furthermore bundled cut-organic products in the general stores. A review demonstrated that the offer of the cut organic products was 60% higher than the offer of entire new natural products. Aside from the cut natural products, cut vegetables, readymade grows, and so forth are additionally made accessible in the business sectors for the sake of making life simpler for the bustling individuals. 

The showcasing funda of these slice organic products is to spare time and to have sound sustenance like natural products, plates of mixed greens and so on., in a hurry. Notwithstanding, there have been numerous reports that have proposed that these cut leafy foods are a long way from being solid. 

The roadside merchants keep the cut organic products in the open and it is promptly accessible for pollution by creepy crawlies, germs, dust, human touch, and so forth. There is likewise a plausibility that the sellers and retailers don't wash the natural products legitimately before cutting them. Additionally, the presentation of slice organic products to air for quite a while denies it of every one of its supplements because of oxidation. These could prompt unfavorable medical problems and sicknesses. 

Numerous cases of stomach ailments, gastroenterology issues, infectious sicknesses like typhoid, cholera and so on have been accounted for and they have been because of expending prepared cut products of the soil. 

In this manner, the Wellbeing Office and numerous specialists and pros have clarified that it is smarter to expend clean washed and crisply cut products of the soil instead of having cut natural products. 

It may take a couple of additional minutes to spotless and cut a new organic product when contrasted with devouring a prepared cut natural product. In any case, it merits all the couple of minutes. All things considered, wellbeing is the genuine riches.

2) write a letter to the officer in charge of the local police station seeking his interference against indiscriminate use of microphones and other such goods in your area. (2+8=10) 
Ans : see the answer of model 4. Editor section. 
Replace the top right column address. 

Thanking you . 


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