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Ray and Martin solved Model 5(class 12)

Ray and Martin solved Model 5(class 12) 

Hi students today we will discuss about some important Answers to the English question bank Ray and Martin solved Model 5.
Ray and Martin solved Model 5(class 12)
Ray and Martin solved Model 5(class 12) 

Prose section

1) '' she had Beautiful eyes but they were of no use to her'' - - whose eyes are mentioned here? Why were the eyes useless to her? Bring out the irony of the situation? (1+2+3=6)

Ans : see the answer of model - 3. Prose section 1(1).

2)'' I have endeavoured to understand the fundamental truths to revealed to me by my father'' - - who is the speaker? Who was the speaker's father? what are the fundamental truths? (1+1+4=6)

Ans : see the answer of model - 1. Prose section 1(2).

3) why did not the boy in thank you man run away though he found the door open? (6)

Ans : see the answer of model - 3. Prose section 1(3).

4)'' you have already been answered'' - - who said this and to whom? How has the person referred to be been answered? 1+1+4=6)**

Ans : see the answer of model - 4. Prose section 1(4).

Poetry section 

1) how is the life force of the tree described in the poem on killing a tree? (6)

Ans :see the answer of model - 1. Poetry section 2(1).

2) justify the title of the poem asleep in the valley by Arthur rimbaud. (6)

Ans :see the answer of model - 1. Poetry section 2(2).

3) why does Keats feel that the poetry of earth is never dead? (6)

Ans : see the answer of model - 1. Poetry section 2(4).

4) state the arguments in Octave and sestet of Sonnet 18. (6)

Ans : see the answer of model - 1. Poetry section 2(3).


1) write a note on the ending of the play 'The Proposal'. (6)

Ans : in the play' The Proposal' Anton Chekhov develops the funny situations to the level of a hilarious one. In the final scene Lomov faints down on the ground because of the excitement caused by the heated argument with Natalya and chubukov. Chubukov and Natalya believe for a moment that he is dead. Natalya pulls lomov's sleeve to see if he is really dead. She is shocked and Shouted , '' what have you done to me? '' Chubukov equally astonished. He shouts for water and lifts a tumbler to lomov's mouth to make him drink. Chubukov become sure that he is dead. He wants to kill himself because his daughter may have missed the chance of getting married. He blamed his misfortune and called out for a knife and pistol to kill himself. However, Lomov soon revives and chubukov was the first one to notice that. Now chubukov , knowing the importance of getting his daughter married, does not waste time and orders them to hurry up and get married. 

2)'' oh, water what a burden , to be the father of a grown up daughter! '' - - who is the father? Who is the daughter? Why is the daughter a burden to the father? (1+1+4=6)

Ans : see the answer of model - 4. Proposal section 3(2).

3) discuss the reasons why marriage proposal is important to all the characters? ***

Ans : see the answer of model - 1. Proposal section 3(1) .

Writing section 

1) write a report on Environment Day observation in your school. (10)

Ans : see the answer of model -4 writing section report .
Write Environment Day instead of 'Annual function'. 

2) write a letter to the manager of a bank requesting for an educational loan. (10)**

Ans : kalyani 
                                      Ghosh para
The Manager, 
State Bank of India, 
Haringhata Branch
           Sub: prayer for sanctioning an educational loan. 
I would like to inform you that I am a student residing at kalyani , ghoshpara, post Colony, district North 24 parganas. This year I have passed the HS examination and I am seeking admission in BTech course in a private Institution. The total course fee for this is rupees 3 lacs and I have to deposit rupees 50000 for each semester. The session will start in the coming August. However, my father, who is the daily wage earner , can hardly afford this at present. 
       In this circumstance, I would request you to kindly sanction an educational loan in my favour at the earliest so that I may pursue my studies. Copies of all the necessary documents, like my academic certificate and the prospectus of the college, are attached herewith for your kind verification. 
Thanking you, 
                                              Yours faithfully, 
                                               Your name 
Enclosed : As stated 


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