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Madhyamik suggestion 2019 english ABTA solved

Madhyamik suggestion 2019 english ABTA solved 

Hi students today we will discuss about some important writing skill for the Madhyamik students for the forthcoming examination 2019 . 
Madhyamik suggestion 2019 english ABTA solved
Madhyamik suggestion 2019 english ABTA solved 

1) suppose you are the secretary of the Eco club of your school. Now now write a notice in hundred words making the students ever about '' save water save life''.

Ans : Name of your school
            save water save life
Ref no. X/2                                                               20.12.18
All the students of our school are hereby inform that our school is going to organise a lecture on '' save water save life '' in our school hall on 28 December, 2018 at 2 p.m.
The reputed doctor of our area Dr S Bera has kindly gave consent to speak on the occasion as the main speaker. Water, as we all know, is the root of many diseases like hepatitis, enteric diseases etc. and we should all know about what is safe water for us to drink. Attendance to this programme is compulsory for every student.
                                                  Your name 
Countersigned by.                    captain 
HM.                                   Your school name 

2) an old Banyan Tree beside your house would be felled for the extension of an all important Road. Write a letter to your friend expressing your feelings. 

Ans :                              your address 
Dear x, 
Today I am going to state you of my concern about the felling of an old banyan tree near our house. Since is my childhood I have been watching this tree very helpful to Birds, monkeys, and other creatures. Many villagers worship this tree. But today the government has ordered to cut the tree immediately to extend the main road of our locality. I am disappointed and concerned about the fact. The government should know that there was few trees left in our locality. And The Banyan tree is one of them. It also protects many creature in the rainy seasons and also in summer seasons to give them shelter. If it will fell down, these creatures will suffer much. In this circumstances I want your suggestion as soon as possible.
 Take care. 
                                                          Yours ever, 
 Address of your friend                your name                         
With stamp 

3) write within 100 words An Autobiography of a pond in your locality. 

Ans : An Autobiography of a pond 

Hello! can you have some time to listen to my tale? I am a pond. Now I am sharing the story of my life with you. I can hardly recount the exact date of my birth but I can assure you that I am at Centurion. The best I can remember is that I saw light on the earth in the 19th century. I am covering an area of 2000 square foot ofa village. I have witnessed many events and occurrences on my water. many boys and girls Swam over my water surface. Once many boys came beside me and threw stones onto the water level. My master cultivated fish in my body . But now I am ruined. My master doesn't care of me. The water level is now become the breeding place of mosquitoes. The water surface is full of dirty water and garbage. No one takes care of me now. So this is my whole story that I share with you. 
Hope you will be benefited from this page. Thank you for being here . 


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