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Madhyamik ABTA test paper 2019 solution page 110

Madhyamik ABTA test paper 2019 solution page 110 

Hi students today we will discuss about some important writing skill for the Madhyamik students from the ABTA test paper 2019 solution page 110 .

Madhyamik ABTA test paper 2019 solution page 110
Madhyamik ABTA test paper 2019 solution page 110 


Maulana Abul Kalam Azad

Maulana Abul Kalam Azad was one of the greatest educationists and a prominent political leader of Indian Independence movement. He was born on 11th November, 1888 in Mecca. Azad family descended from a line of eminent Islamic scholars. He had multifarious talents. He composed poetry in urdu. Maulana Azad worked successfully as a journalist. He played a significant role in the protest against British Raj. During this period he became an enthusiastic supporter of gandhijis ideas. Azad wrote many books, many of which won high acclaim all over India. 'India Wins Freedom' , 'Ghubar - e-khatir etc are some of his most remarkable works. To pay tribute to the great educationist his birthday is celebrated as national education day. This great Indian breathed his last on 22 February 1958 creating a real vacuum to us.

Story writing :

2). Title : a clever crow and the foolish Fox

A hungry crow looked for food. He got a chance to steal a piece of meat from a meat shop. He flew to a lonely place to enjoy it. At that time a fox was passing by under the tree. He saw the peace and played a trick. He said to the crow, '' oh, Black Beauty! you look so good today. your voice is equally good. I'll be thankful to listen to a sweet song from you." The Clever crow understood the fox. He kept the piece of meat under his feet and sang. The cunning fox was thus befooled by the Clever crow. The disappointed Fox was quick to leave the place. 

Moral : trick does not work everywhere. 

3) letter to the editor expressing your concern about the harm caused to the environment by the use of plastic bags and cups. 

The Editor, 
The Telegraph, 
6,prafulla sarkar Street, 
Kolkata - 700001 
Sub : pollution caused by the use of plastic bags and cups 
Please allow me some space in your Esteemed daily to express my concern about the use of plastic bags and cups. This bags and cups are often found littered on the roadside. These are non biodegradable commodities. So they choke the drains and cause sewage problems. If burnt , they emit toxic gases causing air pollution. Thus our environment facing a great danger. To save ourselves from such imminent danger, the use of plastic bags and plastic cups must be banned. 
I shall be highly obliged to you if you kindly publish this article in your highly esteemed daily so that people will be able to aware of the fact. 
Thanking you, 
Dated :27.12.18 yours faithfully, 
                                                Your name and 
                                                your address 


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