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HS online english study - Ray and Martin solved Model 4

HS online english study - Ray and Martin solved Model 4

HS English ' Ray and Martin' solved - model question paper 4

HS online english study - Ray and Martin solved Model 4
HS online english study - Ray and Martin solved Model 4

Prose section

1)'' the voice had The Sparkle of a mountain streamn'' - - who thinks so? whose voice is referred to here? why was the voice so special? (1+1+4=6)***

Ans : For this part of the answer go through the model number 1

2)'' when Troubles come, try to understand the relevance of your sufferings. Adversity always presents opportunities for introspection. '' - - who said these and to whom? Explain the statement? (2+4=6)

Ans : APJ Abdul Kalam's father said this to him in his autobiographical narrative 'strong roots'.
Kalam's father Jainulabdeen believed that adversities provide the best opportunities for introspection. So one should try to understand the relevance of his suffering instead of fearing it. Thus one can truly judge the mistakes that one makes. Owing to their natural Instinct, human beings look for help and company of others when they find themselves alone in the grip of difficulties. For this when they find themselves in great difficulties they need someone to show them the way out. When the distress people came to Jainulabdeen he acted as a'' go between'' In their to pacify the demonic forces with prayers and offerings. But that is a wrong approach as one must not be fear - ridden of the destiny but try to find the enemy of fulfillment that resides within oneself. Kalam understood that it is important for us to judge our own actions. He was convinced through his father that the divine power is omnipresent who always helps us to get rid of misery, Milan Kohli and failure. At the same time he guides us towards the right path and helps us to attain peace of mind. 

3)'' and he did not want to be mistrusted now'' - - who is referred to as' he'? Whose trust did he want to win? Why did not he want to be mistrusted? (1=1=4=6)

Ans : go to the Ans of model question paper 3 - - prose section 3.

4) '' you have already been answered'', said the hermit. - - - Who said this to whom? How did the hermit explain the answer? (2+4=6)****

Ans : same as 3.

Poetry section

1) the poem 'on killing a tree' describes man's cruelty and violence to nature. discuss. (6)

Ans : see the answer of poetry section model 3(1)

2)' in his side there are two red holes' - - what do the two red holes signify? explain the irony used in the poem. (2+4=6)

Ans : 'The two red holes' here signifies the bullet wound which is received by the soldier in the warfront causing to him untimely and unfortunate death.
In this line the poet intends to suggest that though the 'hollow' of nature is full of life and light yet those 'holes' in the soldier's body points to his lifelessness. Thus, the poet subtly implies that the young soldier's death has been caused by the fatal bite of an adminable Serpent that stands for war in this context.

3)'' so long lives this, and this gives life to thee''-- who is referred to by thee? how does this give life? (2+4=6)

Ans : Here' thee' refers to the poet's friend who is a beautiful young man.
According to Shakespeare poetry is Immortal and since he had recorded the beauty and youthfulness of his friend in his poem, The Immortal lines of his poem are the lifeblood for his survival and unchangeability. He says so long as men exist on the earth and so long they see or read the poems written by the poet his friend will live forever.

4)'' he rests at ease Beneath some pleasant weed'' - - who is he here? How does he enliven nature? (2=4)6)

Ans : see the answer of model no 2(poetry section)

Play - proposal

1) '' if I give myself time to think, to hesitate, to talk a lot for an ideal, or for real love, then I will never get married''-- who think so? When does he think so? Why does the speaker think it? (1+2+3=6)

Ans : see the answer of play section proposal model no 3.(1)

2)'' what a burden , Lord, to be father of a grown up daughter! '' - - who is the father? Who is the daughter? Why is the daughter a burden to the father? (1+1+4=6)

Ans : see the answer of play section proposal (1)model 2

3) why does Lomov want to marry? Why does he think Natalya will make an acceptable wife? (3+3=6)

Ans : see the answer of 1.


1) write a report on the annual function of your school:2+8=10) 

Answer : annual function held in ABC School

The annual function of ABC school was held on 6th January in the afternoon. A stage was erected in the school compound. The ceremony started by the inaugurate song of Rabindranath by the school students. It was followed by the recitation of poems and other songs. Later,' Bisarjan',a drama written by Rabindranath Tagore was staged by the senior students of the school. The spectators were spellbound by the performance of the students. When the drama came to an end, the audience remained silent for a few seconds and then burst out into wild applause. Everyone enjoyed the function of the school very much.

2) write a letter to the editor of a newspaper describing the discomforts caused by the senseless use of microphones during festivals. (2+8=10)

Ans : To 
The Editor, 
The Times of India, 
7A,S.N.Banerjee Road 
Sub: indiscriminate use of microphones
Would you kindly publish my view on indiscriminate use of microphone in the 'letter to the editor' columns of your esteemed daily? 
Today rampant use of microphones has become a great nuisance. This new demon is looming large in public life. Be it a political gathering or a social ceremony, religious festival or a cultural function, microphones are being used in high volume, tormenting people of all ages. Students, specially examinees , find it really difficult to concentrate on studies. Patients and the old cannot sleep. In absence of any protest or implementation of law, the incessant shower of high pitched songs and music goes on harrassing us everyday. 
How long should we allow this to go on? If we cannot raise our voice against this Evil, it will contribute to cultural and moral degeneration of the youth, torture us terribly and make us Deaf and mentally dis balanced. 
There is none to Bell the cat. Would you kindly highlight the issue in your editorial? 
Thanking you, 

Dated :6.12.18
                                    Yours faithfully, 
                                    Your name 


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