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HS English suggestion 2019 - Ray and Martin solved Model 3

HS English suggestion 2019 - Ray and Martin solved Model 3

Hi students today we will discuss about some important Answers to the English question bank Ray and Martin 2019 

HS English suggestion 2019 - Ray and Martin solved Model 3
HS English suggestion 2019 - Ray and Martin solved Model 3

 model question paper 3. Ray Martin solved. (prose section part A)

1) '' she was completely blind'' - - explain the irony in the given line. (6)

Ans : The climax of the story is the most exciting or important part in it. In this story of Ruskin Bond the climax comes at the end of the story when the narrator learns that the girl he had been conversing with was 'completely blind' .His Second fellow Traveller informed him that the pretty girls beautiful and attractive eyes were of no use to her. The shock made him speechless. So long he had been continuously trying to canceal the fact from her that he was blind and had even avoided too much familiarity. Now he realised with despair that all his defence mechanism has been vainly employed and fate had played a ruthless prank on him.

2) what picture of communal harmony do you find in the extract from APJ Abdul Kalam's autobiography. (6)

Ans : Dr Kalam resided in his ancestral house in Rameshwaram. Though their locality was predominantly Muslim , quite a number of Hindu families also lived there in harmony with their Muslim neighbours. The Shiva temple was mere ten - minute walk from his house. The high priest of Rameshwaram temple, Pakshi Lakshmana Sastry was a very close friend of Kalam's father Jainulabdeen. He had a vivid memory of his childhood of these two men, each in their respective traditional attire discussing spiritual matters.This Exemplifies the religious harmony prevailing at the place where Kalam resided . The people of Rameshwaram, irrespective of their religions, gathered outside the mosque after the evening prayers to receive Kalam's father's blessings. They brought bowls of water in which he dipped his finger and prayed. This water was carried home for the invalids. They came to him to thank him after getting cured. Hence it is evident that people of different communities lived in harmony in the locality.

3) why did Rodger not try to run away later although he had an opportunity to to do so? (6)

Ans : On being caught by Mrs Jones Roger was pleading for freedom and was looking for opportunity to run away. Later on being taken to Mrs Jones' house, there also he got an opportunity as the door which led to the hall was open. But a confusion stopped him. He Again got the chance to run away with Mrs Jones purse when she was busy preparing dinner, but he did not do so. Mrs Jones' kindness, her caring treatment to him, her addressing him as 'son' and above all unfolding her past, her own childhood to him - - all these brought a change in Roger. He did not want to lose her trust again being motivated by her. So he did not run away despite getting the opportunity to to do so.

4) what answers did the hermit give to the king's questions? (6)

Ans : for this part go through the question number 4. prose section. model question paper 1. 

 model question paper 3. poetry section. Ray and Martin solved.

1) '' modern man, out of his indiscriminate selfishness dares to uproot nature and it's very soul'' - - - evaluate with reference to' on killing a tree. '(6)

Ans : for this part of the answer go through the question number 4. poetry section. model question paper 2.

2) Do you find a note of irony in the interrogation' ' shall I compare thee to a summer's day' '. elucidate. (6)

Ans : The poem begins with an interrogation ' shall I compare thee to a summer's day? ' there is a stress on the use of the modal' shall'. This links the first line with the second line. The summer season is greatly appreciated for its warmth and beauty in the primarily colder European countries. But while comparing his friend to a summer's day, the poet finds that his friend is more beautiful and more gentle. moreover, the span of the summer season is very short and the sun shines very brightly and the weather becomes very hot. The poet things that his friends beauty is eternal and so immortal. Here lies the irony in the above given line.

3) why does the poet choose the Sonnet form for 'the poetry of earth'? Give reasons. (6)

Ans : Keats chose the petrachan form in 'the poetry of Earth'. This Sonnet form consists of an Octave and a sestet. the rhyme scheme is 'abba, ' abba', cde, cde. This form suited the poet's purpose the best because according to the rule octave presents the theme of the poem and develops it and the sestet concludes the theme or the idea presented in the Octave. In this poem we see, the very first line presents the theme - '' the poetry of earth is never dead''. Then the theme is elaborated upon where we find the grasshopper taking up the place of the silent birds. The sestet draws a conclusion where one in his drowsiness caused by the Frost in winter imagines the voice of the cricket to be that of the grasshopper and it becomes the eternal song of nature. So the reason behind choosing the Sonnet form is justifiable. 

4) justify the title of the poem 'asleep in the valley'. (6)

Ans : for this part of the answer go through the question No 2 . model question paper 1. poetry section . 

Play section proposal.

1) why did Lomov think about taking a decision about getting married? Whom did he want to marry? Why? (3+1+2=6)

Ans : for this part of the answer go through the answer to the question number 3 (proposal) model question number 1.

2) describe the character of chubukov as a sensible father? (6)

Ans : Stepan Stepanovitch chubukov is a sensible but cunning landlord who tries to protect his property and aristocracy. Chubukov is a responsible father and feels the responsibility for his daughter's marriage. He prefers Lomov as his son in law as he has inherited a lot and is without any Guardian to control him. Chubukov is well acquainted with Lomov and his family. He knows he can easily influence and control Lomov one's gets married to his daughter. He takes his daughter's side in the argument over oxen Meadows and their dogs. Together with his daughter, he insults, abuses and drives Lomov out of their house. But he brings him back as he does not want to lose Lomov as his son in law. When Lomov loses his senses, Natalya bluntly blames chubukov for everything. Chubukov curses his own fate and even wishes to die ; but he is cunning enough to suppress His anger and agony to get his daughter married to the Lomov.

3) write a note on the character of Natalya. (6)

Ans : Natalya is a young unmarried girl of 25 years. She is the well educated, and excellent housekeeper and is not bad looking. But she is very quarrelsome and abusive by nature. She begins bitter quarrel with Lomov over a piece of land that has little value. But when she Learns that Lomov has come to propose to her, she forgets all her grievances. She begins to wail over her last chance. She forces her father to call him back. But in no time, she starts quarrelling with him again over the superiority of their Hunting dogs. Natalya St is as excitable as a her father. Since she is the daughter of a land owner, she has the advantage of influence, social position and money which make her rude and insensitive. When smooth talk does not work, Natalya does not hesitate to argue, Shout , demand or become histerical. 

 writing section (report)

1) write a report on the programme organised by your school to distribute bicycles among students. (2+8=10)

Ans : Distribution of bicycles in XYZ School. (6)

Ans : Last Friday '' sabuj sathi'' bicycles were distributed among the students of classes 11 and 12 of XYZ School. In total 75 boys and 57 girls received the bicycles on this day. The names and addresses of 140 students were forwarded to the local municipality as eligible recipient of the bicycles. Accordingly a consignment of 140 bicycles were delivered in the school through transport vehicles on last Monday. Two among these were found to be defective and was returned for replacement. 5 among the students did not turn up and their bicycles where kept in safer custody for distribution later on. The entire program was conducted under the supervision of teachers and the representatives of municipality. It was a grand success.


2) you are Rajkumar of Malda Zilla School.On behalf of the school you have purchased a cricket set from sports world. Some of the equipment are found defective. Write a letter to the company asking for replacement or refund. (2+8=10)

Ans : Malda
The Manager,
Mangal Sports Enterprise,
2/1 ultadanga main road,
            Sub : defects in cricket set purchased from you.
I would like to inform you that I bought a cricket set from your shop on last January 15. Please find the copy of the cash memo attached. But I regret to bring to your kind notice the fact that the set has some defects. As a result it is causing a lot of problems for the school students.
In view of that I would request you to kindly inspect the set at the earliest and replace it without any further delay.
Thanking you,
                                           Yours faithfully,
                                           Your name
                                   On behalf of Malda Zilla School. 


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