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HS English suggestion 2019 - Ray and Martin solved Model 2 (class 12)

HS English suggestion 2019  Ray and Martin solved Model 2 (class 12) 

Hi students today we will discuss about some important Long questions questions and answers from the question bank '
HS English suggestion 2019 - Ray and Martin solved Model 2 (class 12)
HS English suggestion 2019 - Ray and Martin solved Model 2 (class 12) 

 model question paper 2 Ray and Martin solved (prose section) 

1) '' well I wasn't going to say that'' - - Who said this and to whom? What did the speaker mean to say by' that'? What did the speaker want instead? (2+2+2=6)***

Ans : Mrs Luella Bates Washington Jones said this in the short story'' thank you ma'am' 'written by Langston Hughes.
She said this to Rodger, a teenaged Orphan boy whom she brought her home.

Rodger confessed to Mrs Jones that he had tried to snatch her bag because he wanted to buy a pair of blue suede shoes. Mrs Jones recalled that in her youth she had also wanted things which she could not get.
Then she confessed that she had also done things or committed crimes in her youth. when Rodger frowned she convinced him by saying that he did not snatch others pocket book.
Mrs Jones stated that she would not tell about her crime to Roger or anybody else, not even to God if he had not already come to know about it.

2)'' I was one of many children'' - - - who is who is the speaker? What does he speak about his secured childhood? (1+5=6)

Ans : Here the speaker is APJ Abdul Kalam in his autobiography strong roots.
Kalam recalled his childhood in Rameshwaram with his parents. Their household was devoid of any unnecessary luxury and comfort as his father did not like them. But they were provided with enough food, sufficient clothes and medicines when needed. He spent his childhood days with his wise father and affectionate mother. Again, the locality where they lived was very peaceful and perfect harmony reigned there. All these made his childhood a secure one.

3)'' once again, I had game to play and a new fellow Traveller. '' - - in which station did the new fellow Traveller board the train? Which game had the narrator to play? What is the significance of the term 'once again'? (1+2+3=6)

Ans : The new fellow Traveller had boarded the train in Saharanpur Station.
The narrator had to play the fascinating game to guess what went on outside the train compartment.
The narrator was completely blind and he was travelling alone up to the Rohan station. The arrival of the girl and their brief encounter gave him joy. The guessing game give him the feeling of being a sighted person who could interact freely with others. It also help him to avoid unwanted sympathy and escape from hard reality.
  when the girl Departed at the Saharanpur Station the narrator thought he had to play once again Another game like before with other passenger.

4)'' here comes someone running'' - - who came running? What condition was he in? How did he get relief from which condition? (1+2+3=6)***

Ans :A bearded man came running out of the Wood holding his hands pressing against his stomach. 
The man was wounded and blood was flowing from under his stomach. 
When the bearded man reached the Tsar , he fell fainting on the ground. Unable to bear the great pain that he was suffering, he was moaning feebly . The wounded man was received with sympathy and care at the hermits Cottage. The hermit and the Tsar did their best to stop the blood flowing by washing and bandaging the wound again and again. Finally the blood ceased flowing and the bearded man was saved. 

Model question paper- 2. Ray and Martin solved. (poetry section)

1)''He rests at ease'' - - where is the line taken from and name the author. Who is' he' referred to here? How does he enliven the nature? (2+1+3=6)**

Ans : The line is taken from Keats sonnet '' The poetry of Earth''.
The name of the author or poet is John Keats.
When all the song - birds stop singing, the grasshopper enlivens nature by chirping merrily. He moves from hedge to hedge in the Meadow singing the delightful song of Summer luxury. Thus when the whole countryside seems to be tired and exhausted, the grasshopper brings joy and life.

2) what do the rough winds do? What is meant by the phrase'' summer's lease''? Mention a few deficiencies of the summer season? (1+2+3=6)

Ans : The rough winds destroy the lovely Blossoms that come out in the month of May.
By '' summer's lease '' the poet wants to mean the duration of summer season.
The duration of Summer, according to the poet, is too short in comparison to the eternity of his friends beauty. Besides the brief term of Summer, the poet finds other deficiencies of Summer. Summer is haunted by occasional rough winds that ruin the darling buds of May. The sun sometimes is too hot and Shines with his Golden complexion. Sometimes it's complexion is tarnished behind patches of Clouds. There is no consistency and eternity in summer's beauty while his friends beauty is constant and eternal.

3)''Ah! Nature, keep him warm.'' - - who is the speaker here? Who is 'him' here? Why does the speaker urge nature to keep him warm? Bring out the irony revealed here.* (1+1+2+2=6)

Ans : The poet Arthur Rimbaud is the speaker here. 
Here 'him' refers to the young soldier lying in the small green valley. 
The speaker rd's nature to keep him warm because he apprehends that the soldier may be inflicted with cold as he is lying out in the open.
In this line, the poet ironically expressed the futility of War. He expressed that death is inevitable and if death embraces a person, the nature cannot make him alive again. The creator of life would fail to insert life again in a dead person. His cold body couldn't get warmth again. This irony expresses the pity of War and the uselessness of violence. 

4) consider on killing a tree as a comentary on the issue of environmental plunders. (6)

Ans : on killing a tree portraits man's cruelty towards nature. Here nature is symbolised by the tree and the poet gives a vivid description of the complete destruction of the tree which symbolises modern man's greed and selfishness to kill the very spirit of the nature. The tree which grows slowly consuming the earth cannot be killed easily. It can overcome the hacking and chopping. The unkindness and butchery of man is highlighted here. Where as nature has truly played its role of Mother by nourishing and protecting the tree. But foolish men, to serve their own purpose after uprooting it subjects it to various processes and thus full fill their commercial purpose. it is an environmental issues, that is deforestation which causes a very vital problem named global warming. It is a commentory on man's inability to understand that they are actually calling their own Doom by destroying trees intensively. 

Model question paper 2. Ray and Martin solved( proposal).

1) '' what a burden , Lord, to be the father of a grown up daughter! '' - - who is the speaker? What is the context of the speech? Bring out the attitude of the speaker revealed in this line. (1+2+3=6)**

Ans : Stephen Stepanovitch chubukov is the speaker here.
Chubukov considered his 25 year old unmarried daughter, Natalya stepanovna , as a button. To wed Natalya to a suitable groom is a burden for chubukov.
Natalya is a pugnacious, violent and frenzied woman . She is prone to histeria and fulfilling all her desires through crying or Shouting. Chubukov wants her to get married to Lomov , their neighbour and young landlord. But , Natalya engages herself in quarrels over petty matters like land and dogs. Before the possibility of marriage fades away, chubukov somehow manages to join their hands together and lets out a sigh of relief.

2) comment on the farcical situation in the proposal. (6)

Ans : The proposal is undoubtedly farce. A comedy provokes thoughtful laughter but in a farce the laughter arises from the absurdity of a situation, which is both exaggerated and improbable. So, it is also called low comedy. In the proposal Lomov comes with a marriage proposal but natalya and chubukov argue with him, insult him and almost drive him out of the house. However, immediately after that Natalya is Keen to marry him and Lomov comes back. But after sometime they again start arguing over Hunting dogs. Lomov faints and Natalya goes into hysterics. Chubukov also talks of die when Natalya blames him for missing the opportunity of getting married. The extreme emotions shown by the characters makes the play a delightful face that could have ended very darkly if the playwright had not maintained its energetic whimsy.

3)'' you behave to us if we were gypsies''-- who is the speaker? Who are' gypsies '? What behaviour is referred to here? (1+1+4=6)

Ans : Natalya Stepanovna is the speaker here.
Gypsies are members of a travelling people.
 Lomov has come to chubukov's house for the hands of Natalya for marriage. But when he meets nataliya they begin to quarrel about a land. After some conversation about the dispute land Lomov said that he would give the land to Natalya as present. Then Natalya informed Lomov about their help To Lomov. This behaviour of lomov hurt Natalya and she uttered these words.

 writing section

1) write a report for the school magazine on how Children's day was observed in your school this year. (2+8=10)

Ans : Observation of Children's Day in ABC School
Your name
This year ABC School observed Children's Day on the occasion of our beloved Prime Minister Mr Jawaharlal Nehru's birthday on 14th November. The school committee gathered 26 slum children and celebrated Nehru Ji's birthday. The whole day was full of fun and enjoyment. The kids enjoyed car rides and were given gifts, balloons chocolates. They enjoyed food at a very popular restaurant. At the end the kids were given an abridged version of Jawaharlal Nehru's biography. This program was very different from other years. it touched the heart of many students.

2) write a letter to the general manager of ABC company about the non payment of Bill against the goods they have delivered to you recently. (2+8=10)

        12,CREEK ROAD, KOLKATA - 14

Ref no : Bills /112/14. December 1,2018.
Mr. P. K. Sen
Sen Traders
122B.B.Ganguly Street

Sub : seeking time for non payment of Bills
We acknowledge the receipt of the consignment and bills against the goods you have delivered or recently. Thank you for prompt delivery of all the goods we ordered. But we are extremely sorry to inform you that the sudden closer of singur auto mart, for whom the goods supplied by you were intended, has put us in great trouble . With the best of our efforts we could not sell even half of the goods we ordered. As a result we are in tremendous financial crisis for the time being.
 In this circumstances, we request you to kindly allow us an extension of time for a month so that we would be able to overcome the temporary crisis and clear all your dues by the middle of April. 
We trust, you will appreciate our temporary difficulty and hope, you would accommodate our request. 

Thanking you.
                                     Yours faithfully,
                                     K. K. Das
                                 K. K. Das&company


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