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HS English Suggestion 2019 Asleep in the valley by arthur rimbaud

HS English Suggestion 2019

Asleep in the valley by arthur rimbaud

Hi students today we will discuss about some important Answers to the English suggestions for the forthcoming examination of class 12 English from the poem asleep in the valley by arthur rimbaud .

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HS English Suggestion 2019 Asleep in the valley by arthur rimbaud

1) justify the title of the poem "asleep in the valley". (6)

Ans : according to the OED, the word " asleep" means in a state of sleep. Naturally, someone sleeping in the valley is indicated here. In his poem, Arthur Rimbaud draws a vivid scene of a green beautiful valley in the opening quatrain. The Serene landscape provides an ideal place for tired soldier to doze for a while. There on "a soldier, very young, lies open mouthed." But the eventual discovery of his Bullet ridden side Makes The Innocent title take on ominous overtones. The whole truth comes out here, This is no man asleep on a pleasant Valley. It is a young soldier, lying dead and quiet in a pleasant and graceful Valley. Thus, the title most aptly represents the message of the poem, that is the insensible butchery of young soldiers in the name of War.

2) discuss the central idea of the poem "asleep in the valley" . (6)

Ans : Rimbaud's poem "asleep in the valley" , initially presents a lovely natural scene. This is of a green valley where through flows the stream. The bright sunlight, streaming from the mountaintop, fills and brightens the valley.
But this is not the entire aspect of the poem. The poem introduces thereafter, a very young soldier who seems to remain asleep in the valley. But he is not asleep. He is actually dead hit by to bloody Bullet shots. He looks all innocent and cute, gentle and without guile. But he is not spared by the brutal blow of War. This is what war has made of him. In this way Rimbaud registered his protest against the cruel practice of War that holds the progress of human civilization.

3) "the Humming insects don't disturb his rest" - - who rests and where? What is meant in this line? Why is his rest not disturbed by the insects? (2+3 +1=6)

Ans : here in this context a very young soldier is referred to.
He takes rest in a small green valley.
Here Rimbaud appears to be a little surprised by the soundness of the soldier sleep. Even the incessant buzzing of the insects hardly affect him. Actually, Rimbaud shifts his stone in the line by making his reader slightly suspicious about whether the soldier is at all Alive.
The Humming insects cannot disturb his rest as he is not sleeping but dead.


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