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HS 2019 Ray and Martin solved Model 8

HS 2019 Ray and Martin solved Model 8 

Hi students today we will discuss about some important Answers to the English question bank Ray and Martin solved Model 8. 

HS 2019 Ray and Martin solved Model 8
HS 2019 Ray and Martin solved Model 8 

Prose section :

1) '' oh, how lucky you are''-- who is the speaker here? Who is you referred to here? Why is this person spoken to be called lucky? (1+1+4=6)**

Ans : see the answer of suggestion 2019 english'' The Eyes Have It ''

2)'' his answer filled me with a strange energy and enthusiasm'' - - what was the question? What answer is referred to here? Why did the answer kill the speaker with energy and enthusiasm?( 2+3+1=6)

Ans : see the answer of suggestion 2019 english' 'Strong Roots''

3) comment on the relationship which developed between Mrs Jones and Rodger in the story'' thank you ma'am''. (6)

Ans : see the answer of model number 7 prose section 4.

4)'' I am that enemy of yours who swore to avenge himself on you? - - who was the speaker? To whom was is spoken? How did he become enemy of the person spoken to? Why did he confess so before him? (1+1+2+2=6)

Ans : watch the video of saq questions and answers from the story '' three questions''

Poetry section :

1) how does Gieve Patel deal with the environmental issues in his poem on killing a tree? (6)

Ans : see the answer of poetry section model 2. Questions no 4.

2) how and why does the poet create a romantic atmosphere in the poem'' asleep in the valley''(6)

Ans : see the answer of poetry section model 6 question no 2.

3) '' but thy eternal summer shall not fade''

-- whose eternal summer is referred to here? What is meant by eternal summer? Why shall not thy eternal summer fade? (1+1+4=6)

Ans : see the answer of poetry section model 4,.questions no 3.

4) assess''the poetry of earth'' as a Sonnet. (6)

Ans : see the answer of poetry section model 3 question no 3.

Proposal :

1) discuss the reasons why the marriage proposal is important to all the characters. (6)***

Ans : see the answer of play section proposal model 1 question no 1.

2)'' squeezer is heaps better than guess. ''! - - who is squeezer? Who is guess? How does the speaker argue that squeezer is superior to guess? (1+1+4=6)**

Ans : see the answer of model 6. Proposal - questions no 1.

3) '' oh, what a burden , Lord, to be the father of a grown up daughter''--- Who said this and to whom? What is the context? What does the speaker mean to say? (2+2+2=6)***

Ans : see the answer of model 2. Proposal - - question no 1.

Writing section :

1) write a report for the school magazine on the annual Prize Distribution Ceremony of your school. (2+8=10) 

Ans : see the answer of writing section. Model 4. Questions 1.
Write '' Annual prize ceremony '' instead of '' Annual Function '' 
*also ad this sentence before the last sentence - - - Then the chief guest distributed prize to the topper of our school. 

2) suppose you are the owner of a certain bookstore. Now write a letter to the publishing house ordering some books. (2+8=10) 

Ans : 
The Manager,                        
Bani sansad, 
4A, Ramanath Majumder Street, 
Kolkata - 9

                      Sub : placing order 
I would like to inform you that I own a book shop at the address given below. I have come to learn that you supply books of Bengali and English. 
I would like to place an order for the following books to my shop within a week. 
1)English achiever by Prof. Kalyan nath Dutta. - - - - - - - 20 pieces. 
I request that you send me a chart on wholesale prices so that I may confirm the order. 
 Thanking you, 
                                           Yours faithfully,
                                            Your name

Thank you for being here . 


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