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Common English suggestion 2019 Jimmy Valentine

Common English suggestion 2019 Jimmy Valentine 

Hi students today we will discuss about some important Answers to the English suggestions for the forthcoming examination 2019 for class 11 from Jimmy Valentine. 

Common English suggestion 2019 Jimmy Valentine
Common English suggestion 2019 Jimmy Valentine 

1) what did Jimmy Valentine to from the time he got out of Jail till he met Mike Dolan? (5)

Ans : after his release from the jail Jimmy went towards the restaurant ignoring the natural sights like birds chirping, waving trees and fragrance of flowers. In the restaurant he ate broiled chicken and drank a bottle of wine to his heart's content. Then lighting a Cigar he reached the railway station. Before boarding the train he dropped a quarter - cent into the hat of a blind beggar. After three hours of train journey he reached the town where his friend Mike Dolan had his cafe. 

2) which burglaries were reported after the release of Jimmy Valentine from the jail?

Ans : after a week of Jimmy Valentine's released from the jail A Hundred dollar was burgled from a safe in Richmond, Indiana. In the next week of this incident fifteen hundred dollars was stolen from a burglar proof safe in a place called Logansport. Then an an old fashioned Bank safe in Jefferson City erupted five thousand dollars from its crater. These were the three consecutive burglaries reported after the release of Jimmy Valentine. 

3)'' Mr Spencer was a success'' - - who was Mr Spencer? Describe in brief the success he has achieved? (2+3=5)

Ans : Mr Spencer was actually Jimmy Valentine who changed his name as Ralph D spenser after coming to Elmore and registered that name in a hotel record. 

Jimmy came to Elmore and met Annabel Adams and this meeting changed the course of his life. He decided to leave honestly and opened a shoe Store. Before long his business flourished and socially also he gained the confidence of the community. Apart from this he was engaged to marry his sweetheart Annabel Adams within a year of his stay in Elmore. 


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