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Class 11 english suggestion 2019 - w e s t b e n g a l c o u n c i l o f h i g h e r s e c o n d a r y e d u c a t i o n

Class 11 english suggestion 2019 - west bengal council of higher secondary education

Hi students today we will discuss about some important Answers to the English suggestions for the forthcoming examination of class 11 from the poem '' upon Westminster Bridge '' .
Class 11 english suggestion 2019 - west bengal council of higher secondary education
Class 11 english suggestion 2019 - west bengal council of higher secondary education

1)''All bright and glittering in the smokeless air'' - - - what are meant by' all'? Why does everything appear bright and glittering? (3+2=5)

Ans : the word 'all' here refers to the city landmarks like Towers, Domes , theatres and temples of the city of London. The poet sees the ships floating on the river Thames. All these things are seen from the raised position on the top of the Westminster Bridge across the river Thames. They burst into view before the poet with the magic touch of early morning sun. 
The poet has seen all these things early one morning when usual activities of the city has not started and the air over the city is still smokeless. In this smokeless air and bright Sun they appear as bright and glittering. 

2) describe after Wordsworth the city of London As given in the poem '' upon Westminster Bridge''? (5)

Ans : the poet William Wordsworth has given us a vivid pen- picture of the London's cityscape in his Sonnet. All the landmarks of the 19th Century city of London like the Westminster Bridge, domes of Saint Paul's Cathedral, Tower of London, theatre houses and temples have been described along with the river Thames. But the city has been presented in its early morning glory of the smokeless air and Dazzling sunshine. The Congested City seems to have worn the beauty of the morning and emanates deep tranquility from its houses lying in deep sleep under the vast sky and open field. 

3) justify the title of the poem '' upon Westminster Bridge''. (5)

Ans : the title of the poem' upon Westminster Bridge' is a little unusual as it hints at the place and time of composing the poem rather than its theme. The poets saw the unusual beauty of the city of London one morning from the raised position of the Westminster Bridge. He was awed at the transformation of the city's appearance at that very moment. As he wanted to capture this Magic Moment when the city was transformed into a grand natural sight , he had chosen the title. The mention of Westminster Bridge in the title also makes it clear that he has been describing the city of London. Thus the title is appropriate and meaningful.

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