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Class 11 english suggestion 2019 - LEELA'S FRIEND

Class 11 english suggestion 2019 - LEELA'S FRIEND 

Hi students today we will discuss about some important Answers to the English suggestions for the forthcoming examination 2019 (class 11 ).

Class 11 english suggestion 2019 - LEELA'S FRIEND
Class 11 english suggestion 2019 - LEELA'S FRIEND 

1) briefly narrate the first meeting of Siddha with the SivaSankar family. (5)

Ans : Mr Siva Sankar scrutinized Sidda and found him quite tidy. He asked Sidda where he had worked before. Sidda informed that he had previously worked in a doctor's house. Mr SivaSankar further wanted to know the name of the doctor, but Sidda said that he did not know the name. Not being convinced by the answer, he asked why Sidda had been dismissed by his previous employer. Sidda gave the stock answer that his master had left the town. Both Mr SivaSankar and Mrs SivaSankar thought Siddha to be tidy and not a bad sort at their first meeting. However, there only daughter Leela liked Sidda immediately. She requested her father to keep Sidda the in their house. 

2) how does Sidda's company make Leela supremely happy?(5)

Ans : Leela, a small girl of Five found an ideal friend in Sidda , who was patient and imaginative enough to entertain the tiny girl. They used to play with a ball in the garden and Sidda used to entertain her by telling her imaginary accounts of the balls touching the moon or touching the sky by standing on a coconut tree or his familiarity with the moon. In the evening Leela found pleasure by teaching Siddha. At bedtime Sidda used to tell Leela wonderful stories. In this way Leela Wanted to Shadow Sidda all her waking hours and felt supremely happy in his company. 

3) how did Leela try to make Sidda write and what was the result? (3+2=5)

Ans : every evening Leela held a mock class for Sidda. She played the role of the teacher and asked Sidda to copy one or two letters of the alphabet or the drawing of a cat or crow with the stump of a pencil on the pages of a catalogue. She herself wrote letters or drew the pictures on another catalogue and Sidda had to imitate it. 

       Sita was unable to ply a pencil as his wrist was stiff and inflexible. When Sidda fail to copy it, Leela rebuked him and redouble her effort to teach him. It was very painful for Sidda and he sought relief by telling Leela that her mother was calling her for dinner. In this way the class came to an end. 

4)'' what a risk we took.... '' - - what was the risk taken? What Assurance did Mr SivaSankar get from the police? (3+2=5)

Ans : The risk was the appointment given to Sidda as a servant without proper information or references about him. According to the police report, Sidda was an old criminal. He had been to jail half a dozen time for stealing jewellery from children. The inspector could easily identify Sidda from his description, and he was angry with Mr Shivashankar for not Consulting Him before engaging Sidda. 
        Mr Siva Sankar was assured by the police that Sidda would soon be arrested. Being an Old Jail - bird, his haunts were well known by them. So there was a good chance of getting the gold chain back. 

Hope this suggestion will help you for your forthcoming examination 2019  


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