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Class 11 english suggestion 2019 - karma

Class 11 english suggestion 2019 - karma

Hi students today we will discuss about some important Answers to the English suggestions for the forthcoming examination of class 11 part 2 from 'karma' . 
Class 11 english suggestion 2019 - karma
Class 11 english suggestion 2019 - karma

Suggestion 2019 english - class 11 Karma

1)'')'' sir mohan was livid with rage '' - - when was Sir Mohan livid with rage? why was Sir Mohan livid with rage?(3+2= 5)

Ans : sir mohan was eagerly waiting for Englishmen during his train journey. When he saw two English soldiers his heart warmed up at the prospect of having their company. But that two drunken soldiers treated him in quite an insulting way by calling him ' nigger' and telling him to get out of the compartment. When they threw out his belonging like suitcase, thermo flask , briefcase, newspaper etc into the platform, sir Mohan was livid with rage . 
After this sir Mohan threatened to get them arrested and one of them slapped him on the face. Then they caught him by the arm and flung him into the platform as the train started moving. 

2) bring out the contrast between the characters of sir Mohan Lal and lady Lal. (5)

Ans : the characters of sir Mohanlal and lady Lal are drawn in sharp contrast with each other. Sir Mohanlal was an Anglophile who imitated Englishmen at every step of his life and followed their manners and culture in minute detail. He was dressed like aristocratic Englishmen with his Saville row suit and balliol tie. He speaks both English and Hindi as the Englishmen. Lachmi , lady Lal, on the other hand was typically Indian with her dirty white red bordered saree, her ornaments and easy - going casual nature. Indeed the character of lady Lal has been created to emphasize the lack of Indianness in the character of sir Mohan Lal. 

3) briefly describe the train of sir Mohanlal's thoughts as he sat waiting alone in the first class compartment. (5)

Ans : while waiting for the arrival of the train, sir Mohan Lal lost himself in a train of thoughts. Firstly, he thought about how he would draw the attention of his fellow English passengers with the Times , or his balliol tie or his English cigarettes. If all those failed he decided to ask for whisky to be served, as he knew that whisky never failed with an English man. He then recalled the fond memories of his five year stay in England. He fondly remembered the grey uniforms of Oxford colleges, sports Blazers, the tennis and rugby Matches and rowing competitions. He felt nostalgic about Nights in Piccadilly and dinner in the inns of court. 

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