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ABTA test paper 2019 solution page 80

ABTA test paper 2019 solution page 80

Hi students today we will discuss about some important writing skill for the Madhyamik 2019 from the test paper ABTA 2019 . Page 80 
ABTA test paper 2019 solution page 80
ABTA test paper 2019 solution page 80

1) write a paragraph in about 100 words about your little brother or sister. (10)

Ans : my little brother
 I have a little brother. his name is koushik.
He is five years junior to me. He reads in class six. he is twelve years old. He loves to play computer games and football. But he does not like to read. Most of the time he indulges in computer games. My mother hates this and always scolds him. But my father does not scold him. I also love my brother very much. I always share my food with him. If he remains absence a day in our home I feel boring so much. We go to school together everyday. He is a very good football player too. He is the captain of the junior football team of our school. He has so many friends in the school. But he cannot score good marks in the examination. Above all I am proud of my brother.

2) write a notice about the recitation competition in your school.

            ABC School
     Recitation competition
Ref no. X. 2 3.12.18
All the students of our school are hereby informed that our school is going to organise a recitation competition on the occasion of teacher's day in the school premises on 5th September. Students of class five, six, seven, eight, nine, can participate in the programme. The willing students are requested to submit their names to their respective monitors within 31st August along with their choice of poems. A student's recite two poems.
The decision of the judge will be the final decision. The other students are requested to maintain discipline during the competition. For further information the undersigned persons may be conducted.
Countersigned by. Your name 
HM designation
                                              School name

3)write a letter to your friend about how you started gardening in a small piece of land and how you motivated by it. (10)

                                          Your address
Dear x,
It is our habit to exchange our thoughts and issues with each other. So as earlier I will inform you that about my involvement with a garden besides my house. Actually you know I love plants and flowers. So to fulfill my desires I have planted some flowers plants and orchids in that small garden. Everyday returning from school I go to the garden and tend the plants for sometime and sprinkle water in them. Now most plants sprouts flowers. I feel happy when I see them swaying in the breeze. So how do you like my hobby, please comment on your next letter. I remain.
Best wishes to you.

Friends address.                                        Yours ever, 
With stamp                                                   your name


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