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Writing skill - story & processing (duff & Dutt solved part 3 class 10)

Writing skill - story & processing (duff & Dutt solved part 3 class 10)

Hi students today we will discuss about some important writing skill for the Madhyamik students 2019 from duff and dutta question bunch . Today mainly we discuss about story and processing . 
Writing skill  - story & processing (duff & Dutt solved part 3 class 10)
Writing skill  - story & processing (duff & Dutt solved part 3 class 10)

Story writing 

1)A boy on in the Oakwood

One day a little boy was roaming around and Oakwood. Tired, he fell asleep under an oak tree. In his dream he saw something mysterious. Oak trees were shedding their barks and the barks started wrinkling over him. The boy protested. He said he would die because of that. The oak trees around him then gave him a proposal. They would save his life if the boy would promise to plant more trees. At that moment the boy woke up. He looked around and felt significance of the dream he had dreamt. When he left the Oakwood, he became a different person. Since then he started loving trees more and more.

Moral : plant trees for saving mankind.

Flow - chart 

2). Cultivation of jute

Jute is one of the major cash crops in West Bengal. To cultivate it, A few steps are to be followed. At first, seeds are sown with a gap of 30 cm. Then dead seedlings are to be cleared at regular intervals. Jute plants flourish in moist heat of the monsoon. They are reaped and the stocks are left in a ditch for retting. After that loose stands are collected from the stalks and left in the sun to dry. Dried up, they are collected into bundles. Now the bundles are sent to market in sacks.


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