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Writing skill for the Madhyamik 2019 - story, report, letter

Writing skill for the Madhyamik 2019 - story, report, letter 

Hi students today study english online free will discuss about some important Writing skill for the Madhyamik 2019 - story, report, letter
Writing skill for the Madhyamik 2019 - story, report, letter
Writing skill for the Madhyamik 2019 - story, report, letter 

1) write a story within 100 words using the given hints. Give a title to the story:
 Hints: a girl goes to her uncle's house---- finds the maid servant ill - - - - no one treat her - - - - - the girl calls the doctor---- buys her medicine----- takes care of her------ the girl is overjoyed----- cures hot - - - - the family members feel ashamed.

Title : A kind hearted girl and the maid servant 

Once there lived a girl in a village. Her name was Lily. One day Lily went to her uncle's house. But to her great surprise when she reached there he could not find any anyone in the house, except the maid servant who was seriously ill. She informed Lily that her uncle's family went to some relative's house. Lily became angry to her uncle's family as they left the maid servant alone in the house in such condition. immediately Lily called the doctor and bought some medicines for the maid servant. Lilly took care of the maid servant and cured her after nursing her throughout the day. Lily was overjoyed when she saw the maid servant was totally cured. When Lily's uncle and aunt came to the house Lilly advised them not to hurt such innocent girl as she was also someone's daughter. On hearing lily's advice they became ashamed and felt sorry for their deeds.

Moral : never neglect small children.

2) write a report for your school magazine on the recent inter school sit and draw competition organised in your school.

Answers :

An Inter-school sit and draw competition in ABC School 
North 24 pargana 

An Inter-school '' sit and draw '' Competition was held on Friday at ABC school campus here. About 16 schools participated in the competition. The topics for drawing were ‘Swacch Bharat Abhiyan’, and ' safe Drive Save life'.Students of those schools took part in the competition and made many wonderful paintings on the given topics. There were four judges from the district cultural Forum. 
Students demonstrated that they exceed expectations in scholastics, as well as sparkle in displaying their abilities by their innovative introduction. An open classification rivalry for understudies and guardians was likewise directed. The first prize was captured by DHS school. But our school held the other two prizes. The competition ended with the vote of thanks by the president. 

3) write a letter within 100 words to your friend who is in class 10 advising to use of proper antivirus in computer to safeguard against viruses and Hackers. 


                                               Your address
Dear sunil,
      I have just received your sweet letter. I am very much excited to hear about your new computer. But do you know how can you keep your computer safe? Today we use internet  in all parts of our lives. We go online to look for data, shop, bank, do homework, play diversions, and keep in contact with family and companions through long range informal communication. Accordingly, our gadgets contain an abundance of individual data about us. This may incorporate keeping money and other monetary records, and restorative data—data that we need to ensure. In the event that your gadgets are not ensured, character criminals and different fraudsters might have the capacity to get access and take your own data. Spammers could utilize your PC as a "zombie ramble" to send spam that seems as though it originated from you. Malignant infections or spyware could be saved on your PC, backing it off or annihilating records. So you must have knowledge before using internet on your computer.
 1.Keep your device secure.
 2. Keep up-to-date.
 3. Antivirus software.
 4. Antispyware software.
 5. Firewalls
 6. Use strong protection.
 7. Choose strong passwords.
 8. Use stronger authentication.
 9. Protect your private information.
10. Be careful what you click.
11. Shop safely.
12. Be careful what you share.
13. Responding to data breaches.
14. OnGuard Online.
15. Privacy and Online Security.
Hope you can understand how to use and protect your computer. OK take care and enjoy your success with your new computer.
                            Yours ever,
                            Soumitra Parai
Friends address
With stamp.

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