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Writing skill( class x-Duff&Dutt) - paragraph, reports, official letter

Writing skill( class x-Duff&Dutt) - paragraph, reports, official letter

Hi students today study english online free will discuss about some important writing skill for the Madhyamik students who are usually weak in writing and appear in 2019 madhyamik 2019.
Writing skill( class x-Duff&Dutt) - paragraph, reports, official letter
Writing skill( class x-Duff&Dutt) - paragraph, reports, official letter 

1) write a paragraph within 100 words on the merits or demerits of social networking. (10)

Ans : Social networking sites have turned out to be most famous among the adolescents and it's made another upheaval amid nowadays in online administration. Numerous individuals are partial to utilizing these locales and some detest these sorts of destinations. 

In this cutting edge world, long social networking sites assumes a noteworthy job among the adolescents and the number of inhabitants in utilizing these destinations develop step by step in a substantial number. What is there in these destinations that draw in the general population in a vast number? Regardless of whether it is an income framework or an instructive framework. Numerous individuals ponder on these sorts of inquiries. 

Social networking sites destinations 

Give us now a chance to perceive what is a social networking sites is about. These sorts of destinations chiefly offer an online administration in which the general population can share their perspectives, suppositions and different stuffs. Numerous off these destinations contain the informing office, which is the primary factor that draws in the general population towards it. These destinations are electronic and requires an Internet association with visit with other around the globe. 

Rundown of social networking sites 

Give us now a chance to see a portion of the social networking sites that are prevalent in this present situation. 






Connected In 

My space 



These locales by and large pull in the general population by offering different administrations like 




Photograph sharing 

Recent developments 

Chain of companions 


associated with part of individuals effortlessly 

In a similar time, there are bunches of security issues looked by them while refreshing their own data on these destinations. It is fitting not to refresh the individual data on these destinations, as these locales are more hacked by the programmers and now and again can be hazardous to your life.


We should now observe the upsides of utilizing these sorts of destinations: 

We can discover our class/group mates 

A few destinations gives us chance to locate some better than average pay 

We can likewise refresh our activity or business in these destinations as advancement 

Builds up our insight 

Can join numerous networks and keep our insight on that refresh to-date 

Bunches of fun stuff like video, photograph sharing and other fun stuffs. 


We should now observe the burdens of utilizing these destinations: 

Individuals should deal with their data 

Worried about the security 

More odds of hacking your information and data 

Be watchful while including individuals or participating in any network 

Your photographs can be effortlessly downloaded and can be utilized for undesirable reason.

2) write a newspaper report within hundred words on the condition of roads in Kolkata due to the excessive rainfall this monsoon season. (10)

Ans :Heavy rainfall paralyses life in Kolkata
                        - By a staff reporter
Kolkata, September 7: A heavy rainfall over the past 48 hours has paralysed normal life in Kolkata. It has caused water logging in different parts of Central Kolkata and a few parts of North and South Kolkata. The roads have become submerged under water. Daily commuters, especially office goers and school children, are finding it difficult to wade through knee - deep water and reach their destinations. Most of the vehicles have stopped plying. The people on the roads are suffering from great hardship as the few buses plying are overcrowded. The Kolkata Municipal Corporation has pressed many water pumps into service to remove the water. According to Alipur weather department, the rainfall is the result of a depression in the Bay of Bengal. It has predicted more rains in the next few days.

3) write a letter to the headmaster /principal of your school within hundred words requesting for organising an educational trip to a place of historical interest. You can suggest a few names of such places mentioning the historical importance of those places. (10)

Ans :  To
The head master,
Khardaha high school
            Sub : request to arrange an educational trip to a place of historical interest.
We, the undersigned students of class 10 request you to kindly arrange an educational trip to a place of historical interest. Such trip will be of much help to us for our project classes. In this trip we will be able to analyse the matter of geography and history classes. It will help us to increase our number both in writing and project examination. We have the opinion to visit Hazarduari as the place is of great historical interest.
We hope that you will kindly consider our prayer and arrange for the trip.
Thanking you,
27.11.18.                      Yours obediently,
Khardaha              the students of class 10

These questions are suggested from 'Duff & Dutt question bunch - x' . 


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