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Madhyamik test 2018 👉 writing sggestion- 95 %common suggestion

Madhyamik test 2018 👉 writing sggestion- 95 %common suggestion 

The most important writing skill for the Madhyamik students in their test examination 2018:

1) notice writing:

A) Inter School Quiz Contest
B) school magazine
C) awareness programme against malaria or dengue
D)  keep your school clean
E) safe drinking water
F) world yoga day celebration

2) dialogue writing:

A) A dialogue between you and the shopkeeper
B) a dialogue between you and your friend about the dark sides of social networking
C) a dialogue between two friends about their preparation in English for the test examination.

3) letter writing:

A) Formal letters:

1) a letter to the headmaster for the permission of a tree plantation programme in the school compound.
2) a letter to the headmaster of your school praying for special classes.
3) letter to the superintendent of CESC telling him to ensure uninterrupted supply power during the examination days.
4) letter to the Postmaster about the irregular delivery of letters.
5) letter to the editor to create awareness among people regarding random misuse and harmful effects of mobile phones.
6) letter to the police officer about the loss of a bicycle.
7) a letter to the Hotel Manager to book a room.

B) informal letters:

1) a letter to your father asking for his permission for an educational tour.
2) a letter to your friend inviting him to spend the summer vacation in your village.
3) a letter to your friend about the festivals of Bengal.
4) a letter to your brother advising him to go through a good news paper daily.
5) a letter to your brother to take preventive measures at the outbreak of dengue.

4) paragraph writing:

A) kanyashree prakalpa
B) early morning scene
C)  the night sky in your locality
D) your favourite season
E) your aim in life
F) your first day at school
G) a festival you recently visited.

5) biography:

A) Stephen Hawking.

1)Paragraph writing examples:
2)notice writing examples :
3)dialogue writing examples :
4)informal letter example :
5)private letter example :

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