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Is Macbeth a tragic hero?

Long questions and answers from the Play Macbeth 

Hi students today we will discuss about some important Answers of the long question which will be important for your examination . 
Long questions and answers from the Play Macbeth
Long questions and answers from the Play Macbeth

Macbeth play William Shakespeare some important long questions 

 from the Play Macbeth

1) what did each of the three witches predict to Macbeth when he first met them? What did they tell Banquo? (3+2=5)

Ans : after being victorious in a great battle Macbeth and Banquo returning. On a desolate  heath three strange figures hailed them. The first witch saluted Macbeth as the thane of Glamis. But the second witch strangely referred Macbeth as the thane of cawdor, which he was yet to be. The Prophecy of the third witch was the most striking. Macbeth was called the future King of Scotland. The inordinate Evil Desire was taken out from the core of his heart.
Banquo was also curious if the witches had anything to predict about him. He was told in riddling term that he was'' to be lesser than Macbeth and greater, not so happy but much happier.'' They also said that Banquo would never reign as a king but his successors would succeed The Throne.

2) Describe the hallucinations seen and heard by Macbeth when he went to kill King Duncan. (5)

Ans : just before committing the murder of Duncan Macbeth had a frightful hallucination. Taking a dagger in his hand, as he crept up, Macbeth visualized another dagger hanging in the air. Its handle was towards his hand. There were drops of Blood on the tip and blade of the dagger. This ominous vision compelled Macbeth to grasp it.
This Vision of the dagger was just an imaginary creation produced by Macbeth's hot and oppressed brain with abnormal fancies.
It is nothing but a symbolic instigator of crime and thus a phantasm. Macbeth had seen this because he was not a habitual criminal but was imaginative, ambitious and troubled by a sense of guilt.

3) Show how Macbeth gradually become a villain. (5)

Ans : Macbeth sets out as a hero at the outset of the play but ends as a villain. He is the valiant general and man of high Esteem. We cannot but like this character and regards him. But soon his inordinate ambition leads in to the path of damnation. Tempted by the witches and instigated by his wife Macbeth kills Duncan, his relative and the king of Scotland. Then to protect his kingship Macbeth murders Banquo. It is an irony that a brave warrior has completely been guided by the witches' prophecies, defying his own ability. Again in a fit of rage Macbeth brutally killed macduff wife and children. From a man of great valour he is transformed into hell - hound, a beast . He gets alienated from everyone and existed just like a vicious villain.

4) comment on the last scene of Macbeth. (5)

Ans : the terrific disordered that Macbeth brought has come to an end. But Macbeth is a' man of valour' , never ready to yield. He is dejected when it comes to know that Macduff is not a man naturally born of a woman but he was untimely taken out from mother's womb. He bids to surrender. Again he puts up a fight as macduff wishes to exhibit Macbeth in a cage, like a monster. This is seen humiliation for Macbeth who has been a brave Warrior and the valiant general. This reminds us that trait of a tragic hero and we feel pity for him. His head is cutoff and peace is restored in Scotland. We still recall the roars of Macbeth. In spite of his wickedness, we feel for him. 

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