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Class 12 English suggestion 2019 - long question, report & letter writing

Class 12 English suggestion 2019 - long question, report & letter writing 

Ray and Martin solved Model 1 by#SoumitraParai

Class 12 English suggestion 2019 - long question, report & letter writing
Class 12 English suggestion 2019 - long question, report & letter writing

Long questions and answers from the prose section from Ray and Martin question bank - model 1

                      Part - A

1)a)'' her voice had The Sparkle of a mountain stream''. - - - - - do you think that the comparison is justified? (6)

Ans : The voice of the girl whom the narrator met in the train is described here as having The Sparkle of a mountain stream. The comparison is unusual as the sound of the girls voice is not compared with the usual Chatter of the Fast moving mountain stream but with the visual image of The Sparkle or the bright simmering sunlight in the flowing water. The comparison is quite suggestive and innovative as it actually describes the sunny radiance in the voice of a woman who Captivates the narrator with the indomitable life - force of her bright soul . Again, since sparkle also means 'lively original quality' it also hints at the vivacious nature of the girl.

b) what is APJ Abdul Kalam's realisation on Freedom, happiness and peace of mind? ***(6)**

Ans : At the end of the autobiographical sketch ''strong roots''of APJ Abdul Kalam we are provided with a spiritual message. He thinks that if an individual frees his emotional and physical Bond, he will gain freedom, happiness and peace of mind. This statement appears to be a contrast to the ideas of piece so far developed. While strong roots imply strong connection, severing the bond implies cutting of the roots. But this sense of spiritual upliftment is a result of his strong spiritual roots which Dr Kalam has acquired mostly from his father. Strong roots indicate bonds and The Spiritual Bond continues with Kalam's ideas about the road to freedom, happiness and peace of mind. 

c) '' she was a large woman'' - -Who was'she'? Which incident occurred to her? (2+4=6)**

Ans : Here 'she' refers to Mrs Luella Bates Washington Jones, the Pivotal character in the story' Thank You ma'am ' who appeared to be a stern lady at the beginning of the story. 

Mrs Luella Bates Washington Jones came out on the road after her services at a hotel beauty- shop around eleven o'clock at night. She was walking alone with a heavy pocket book. The pocket book had a long strap and she carried it slung across her shoulder. All of a sudden a boy came running behind her. The boy tried to snatch her purse. The strap broke with the single tug the boy gave it from behind. The purse contained everything in It except hammer and nails. So it had considerable weight. The weight of the purse combined with a boy's weight caused the boy to lose his balance. The boy fell on his back on the sidewalk. Before dragging him to her house she held him tightly and made him to stoop and pick up her purse. 

d) '' you have already been answered''-- Who is the speaker? Who is referred to as' you'? what were the answers? (1+1+4=6)***

Ans : Here the speaker is the wise hermit. 

'you' refers to the Tsar. 

The hermit explained the incident that happened to the Tsar to give the answer. He said that when the Tsar had been digging the bed, it was the most important time and the Hermit was the most important person and doing good for him was the most important work. Later , that time of nursing the wounded man was the most important time and the man wounded was the most important person and helping the man was the most important work for the Tsar. 

Long questions and answers from the poetry section:

1) how does the poet describe the growth of a tree? How does it Heal itself? (3+3=6)**

Ans : since birth the tree slowly consumes the nutrients from the Earth. It has been absorbing sunlight, air and water so as to grow to its full size. 

It can withstand a simple jab of the knife. It is because it has become strong by absorbing the nutrients from the Earth. Its slow growth and closeness to nature ensures its strength and power of survival. the jab of a knife or the hacking and chopping cannot kill it. It has a natural power to heal itself and even a chopped tree shoots out new branches, though miniature in size. But in course of time they regain their former size if left undisturbed. 

2) justify the title of the poem 'asleep in the valley' (6)

Ans : Rimbaud gives the title ' asleep in the valley' to his poem to bring out the desired effect of a rude shock and subtle irony in the end. In other words, the word' asleep' has been used with an implicit Ironic suggestion to keep the readers complacent in the safety of the Idyllic setting of the valley. The Serene landscape provides an ideal place for a tired soldier to doze for a while. But the eventual discovery of his Bullet- ridden side Makes The Innocent title take on ominous overtones. Thus , the title most aptly represents the message of the poem, that is the insensible butchery of young soldiers in the name of War. 

3) write the central idea of Shakespeare's Sonnet no 18. (6)

Ans : the poem '' shall I compare thee to a summer's day'' testifies to Shakespeare's High idealism of love and his glorification of its Trump even over time. The poet pays a warm tribute to the eternal Appeal of his friend's beauty through his verse. Shakespeare thinks his friend's beauty is sure to withstand the ravages of time where even the fairest elements of nature loses its beauty in course of time. This inevitable destruction caused by time is perceived by every elements. It is only his friends beauty that is not a victim to the destructive powers of time. The Sonnet would mark the Triumph of his love over time and makes his friend's beauty immortal. The concluding couplet declares that transience of time would not be able to Devour his friend's beauty as Shakespeare's love for his friend would out do the cycle of time and eternalise his beauty through this verse. 

4) how does the poet establish the continuity of music through the voice of the grasshopper and that of the cricket? (6)****

Ans : In Keats Sonnet the different and hitherto unheard of voices of nature simply mesmerize us. The voices of poetry of earth in the poem are of the grasshopper and the cricket. In the Octave, he brings into focus the merry trilling of a grasshopper. It keeps going the ceaseless melody of nature when the searing summer silences the songstars. 

Again intersect Again in The frosty Silences of a solitary winter evening seems to warm up with the steady chirp of a cricket. The grasshopper and the cricket awaken the apparently dead music of nature during the cycle change of seasons. Thus, the continuity of poetry of Earth is established through the voice of the grasshopper and that of the cricketer. 

Long questions from the Play 'proposal'

1) discuss why the marriage proposal is important to all the characters? ***(6)

Ans : In Anton Chekhov's one- act play' the proposal' Lomov enters chubukov's house with a marriage proposal for Chubukov's daughter Natalya. This proposal is crucial for all the characters. Lomov has reached the critical age of 35. He is desperate for a wife. Natalya has not also been able to find her man . Chubukov thinks his daughter a liability and wants her to get married soon. So, chubukov becomes Jubilant when he hears Lomov's proposal. He Hopes Natalya , a love - sick cat, will readily accept it. when Natalya Learns about Lomov's proposal after his exit she madly demand her father to get him back. Thus, all the characters are greatly influenced by the marriage proposal. 

2) how does logo reveal himself in his soliloquy? (6)

Ans : in his soliloquy, Lomov puts down the reasons for him to get married. Lomov was 35 years old which means he has reached the last stage of his youth. Till date, he hasn't found anybody whom he could truly love and thus thinks that further waiting may lead in surpassing the ideal age for getting married. Moreover, he thinks himself to be a weak man suffering from numerous diseases. So, he needs to be looked after by somebody. Therefore he must get married on the Spur of the moment without thinking. Lomov wanted to marry Natalya Stepanovna because she is an excellent housekeeper and is well educated. More over both their families have known each other for generations.

3) how does Anton Chekhov bring out the Russian social picture through his play 'the proposal' (6)***

Ans : we find a typical feudal society in Chekhov's one act play 'the proposal' . This society does not pay any heed to personal desires and emotions. Like an automatic machine it wants to carry forward its worn out conventions. It is easily acceptable in such a society that someone would marry to maintain social status and economic stability. The father considers his daughter a liability. This attitude is still prevalent and dominant in our country. So we can connect Chekhov's Russia with our society on the ground of our attitude towards the girl children. The society portrayed in the play is primarily agrarian. It finds its entertainment in hunting or drinking wine. Chekhov always fought against search vulgarity of living in the Russian Society of his time.

Writing skill for the HS students for the 2019.

1) write a newspaper report on the accidental death of a teenage boy when he was crossing the road with cell phone glued to his ear. (2+8=10)

Ans : the sad end of a teenage school boy

                               A news report

Kolkata, November 27,2018 : yesterday at about 4 p.m. the Esplanade East, a young school boy died on the spot while he was crossing the road with cell phone glued to his ear. The tragic event took place, as the student was crossing the road with others did not watch a lorry coming towards him with a high speed when it smashed the boys body. If the boy did not use cell phone at the time his life could be saved. At once the public thronged the place but the driver of the lorry could not be traced yet. The police is enquiring the matter till now and try to find the boys family to inform them. The whole Matter was tragic an unfortunate. the entire area were closed to the traffic for a couple of hours.

2) write a letter to the officer in charge, Suri police station about the loss of your smartphone, requesting him to give you the general diary number. (2+8=10)***

Ans :                                   Suri




The officer in charge,

Suri police station


           Sub : loss of smartphone.

Dear sir,

I beg to inform you that my smartphone has been lost since last night from my house. It was first discovered by me when I want to call my friend at 7:00 p.m. To my great surprise and anxiety, I could not trace my smartphone anywhere of my house. it was brand new' honour 9 Lite 'model. the backcolor off the smartphone was blue. I have bought it from amazon against Rs 11,999.

 I shall be highly obliged , if you kindly give me the general diary number against my case lodged by me.

An early favour is solicited.

                                 Yours faithfully,



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