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HS English suggestion  Answer scripts for test examination 2018: part 1

Dear students today we will discuss about  some important Answers to the English suggestions for the forthcoming test examination of class 12.
HS English suggestion  Answer scripts for test examination 2018: part 1

HS English suggestion  Answer scripts for test examination 2018: part 1

Answers to the Suggestions from the prose section:

1) '' oh, how lucky you are'' - - Who said this? Who was considered lucky and why? What did the persons spoken to say in reply? (1+2+3=6)

Ans : The girl whom the narrator of Ruskin Bond's story' The eyes have it 'met on the train said this.
The narrator was considered lucky as he was going to Mussoorie in October when the hills are very beautiful. The girl loved the hills and wished she could visit the Hills of Mussoorie in October.
The narrator called on his memories and agreed that October was the best month to visit the hills. At that time The Hills are covered with wild Dahlias  and the warmth of the sun is enjoyable. Sipping Brandy before a log  fire at night is also quite refreshing. The roads are quiet and lonely as by that time most tourists have left.

2)'' you have an interesting face'' - - Who said this?Whose face is referred to here? Why did the speaker say this? How did the person spoken to respond to this comment? (1+1+2+2=6)

Ans : The narrator of Ruskin Bond's story' 'The eyes have it' said this.
The face of the girl who got into the train at Rohana is referred to here.
The speaker was blind but he was curious about the girl's looks. After some casual conversation about the scenes outside the narrator became quite daring and made this comment about the girl's face. He also wanted to pretend that he could see the girls face.
The girl  was amazed at this comment and laughed in a clear ringing tone. Then she acknowledged  the compliment and added that she had grown tired of hearing that she had a pretty face.

3) Describe the locality(communal harmony) where APJ Abdul Kalam lived in his childhood. (6)

Ans : In his autobiographical writing, 'Strong Roots,' Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam has given a description of his locality. He was born in Rameswaram, an Island Town. It was then a part of Madras state under the British rule. He lived in his ancestral house on the mosque Street. Rameshwaram was very famous to pilgrims because of the Shiva temple which was near his house. The locality was predominately Muslim. But a lot of Hindu families also lived there. People of both religions , the Hindus and Muslims, lived in harmony and peace. In the locality, there was a very old mosque where his father would take him for evening prayers. 

4) what did Kalam's father tell him about the relevance of prayers? (6)

Ans : When Dr APJ Abdul Kalam attained the age to ask questions, he asked his father about the relevance of prayer. His father told Kalam that there was nothing mysterious about prayer. He regarded prayer as a means of communion of the spirit between people. Through prayer, a man can go beyond his bodily existence and become a part of the Cosmos. The Cosmos knows No division of wealth , age, caste or Creed. Thus Kalam's father justified the relevance of prayer. 

5) Describe according to Kalam how was his childhood secure. (6)

Ans : The family in which Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam was born and brought up was the middle class Tamil family. His parents were an ideal couple. Although Kalam's family was not an affluent one, he was given everything he needed. All the necessities in terms of food, medicine and clothing were provided for Kalam in childhood. He had a congenial family atmosphere. He had no emotional disturbance or material want. He was brought up in happiness. So Kalam claims that he had a secure childhood. 

Hope this suggestion will help you in your coming examinations. 
Thank you for your support . 


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