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poem on earth in english

poem on earth in english

Class 12 English 

Important MCQ questions and answer booklet from the poem' The poetry of Earth':

1)' The poetry of earth' is a--- Sonnet.

2) in the form this Sonnet  is - - - petrachan.

3) Keats finds inspiration in--- nature.

4)''.... a voice will run from hedge to hedge... '' - - - here the voice refers to the voice of the grasshopper.

5) the grasshopper rest beneath--- some charming weed.

6) the word stove refers to--- the fireplace.

7) the Frost has wrought--- a silence.

8) grassy Hills symbolise-- summer.

9) according to Keats , the music of earth ceases - - - at no point.

10) a winter evening is--- silent


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