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Long questions and answer from the poem The poetry of Earth

Long questions and answer from the poem The poetry of Earth

The poetry of Earth is written by John Keats . Here the poet describes the song of nature continues to be active even when there is no common song of joy is heard. 
Long questions and answer from the poem The poetry of Earth

                    Long questions and answer from the poem The poetry of Earth

1) how does Keats present summer and winter in the poem The poetry of Earth?

In the poem The poetry of earth Keats has drawn a fine picture of Summer in the Octave and that of winter in the sestet. In summer the birds, tired with the heat of the sun, take shelter in the cool shade of the trees and stop singing. At this hour of void the chirping of the Grasshopper fills the air .  when he becomes tired, he takes rest under some pleasant weed only to resume his song with renewed energy. In a bitterly cold winter evening, the Cricket sings in Shrill voice and breaks the icy silence prevailing everywhere. To a person, half asleep in drowsiness, it seems to be the continuation of the grasshopper song. The song of nature continues with the season cycle.

2) write a note on the title of the poem, The poetry of Earth.

In the Sonnet, the poetry of earth, Keats develops the thing that poetry that is music in nature never stops. In summer, when the song birds are tired with the hot sun, the Grasshopper chirps merrily from hedge to hedge. Undisturbed by the scorching sun, he immense joy and enlivens nature. Thus, the Grasshopper becomes the poet of Summer. Similarly, the cricket is the poet of winter. Summer and winter represent the wonderful cycle of seasons and insects' songs show the continuity of the poetry of the earth. Thus , in the poem, keats reiterates his firm belief that music in nature never comes to an end even Amidst changes of seasons. Hence the title is apt.

Hope these notes will help you to increase your marks in coming HS english examination .

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