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Important phrasal verbs for class 10

Important phrasal verbs for class 10

Important phrasal verbs for class 10

Important phrasal verbs for class 10

Some important phrasal verbs:

1) the patient will recover within a week.
Come round

2) please do not reject my proposal.
Turn down

3) no one can tolerate such behaviour.
Put up with or bear with.

4) our picnic was suddenly postponed.
Put off

5) I cannot understand what you are saying.
Make out

6) the strike was withdrawn at last.
Called off

7) the girl resembles her mother.
Takes after

8) evening starts early in winter.
Sets in

9) our school closes at 4:30 P.M.
Breaks up

10) the girl continued practising the song.
Kept on

11) the great leader died last week.
Passed away

12) the police chased the Robbers.
Ran after

13) the burglars forcibly entered the house.
Broke into

14) the army finally surrendered.
Gave in

15) you will soon overcome your problem.
Get over

16) A fire erupted in the market last night.
Broke out

17) the board has published two work books in English.
Brought out

18) some guests are yet to arrive.
Turn up

19) the poet remembers the past.
Calls up

20) the company has established several new branches.
Set up

21) the child was Reared by his aunt.
Brought up

22) two friends quarrelled for nothing.
Fell out

23) the teacher is examining the answer script.
Looking into

24) the president distributed the prizes.
Gave away

25) execute my order.
Carry out

26) he was reading the book carefully.
Going through

27) we solved the problem easily.
Worked out

28) you must reduce your expenditure.
 cut down

29) the fire was extinguished in no time.
Put out

30) he hates his pour cousins.
Looks down upon

31) avoid Bad company.
Give up

32) overeating affects one's health.
Tells upon

33) who will compensate for the loss.
Make up

34) caste system must be abolished.
 done away with.

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