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HS Test english suggestion solution (part 2)

HS English suggestion  Answer scripts for test examination 2018: part 2

Dear students today we will discuss about  some important Answers to the English suggestions for the forthcoming test examination of class 12.
HS English suggestion  Answer scripts for test examination 2018: part 2
HS English suggestion  Answer scripts for test examination 2018: part 2

Answers to the Suggestions from the prose section:


6)''Eat some More, son'' - - - who is the speaker? What is offered by the speaker to the listener? What picture of the speakers character is revealed in this line?(1+1+4=6)

Ans : The speaker here is Mrs Luella Bates Washington Jones in the short story'' Thank you ma'am''.

Mrs Jones offer Roger a supper of lima beans, ham, a piece of cake and cocoa milk.

When Mrs Jones caught Roger snatching her bag, she was very strict with him but once she reached home she became quite tender with this young unfortunate boy. She told him to clean his face and to comb  his hair. Then she cooked dinner for the boy, and like a mother, asked  him to eat some more. All these revealed the maternal affection  lying hidden beneath her apparently tough and strong personality.

7)'' I would teach you right from wrong'' - - Who said this, to whom and when? How did the speaker transform the person spoken to here? (1+1+1+3=6)

Ans : Mrs Luella Bates Washington Jones said this to Rodger, who tried to snatch her bag when she was dragging him along the road towards her house.

Roger after being caught by the strong woman, was afraid that she would send him to the  jail . But Mrs Jones brought him home and took motherly care by cleaning him up and cooking him a meal. Roger felt assured and when she offered him ten dollars for buying suede shoes for which he had committed the crime, Roger was emotionally stirred and was transformed from a thief to grateful lad.

8)'' I have done things'' - - who is the speaker? When has the speaker done things? What does the speaker actually mean to say by this? What does the speaker say about these things? (1+1+2+2=6)

Or what did Mrs Jones recall about her past experience to Roger?

Ans : the speaker here is Mrs Luella  Bates Washington Jones.
Mrs Jones had done' things' in her youth.

Rodger confessed to Mrs Jones that he had tried to snatch her bag because she wanted to buy a pair of blue suede shoes. Mrs Jones recalled that in her youth she had also wanted things which she could not get. Then she confessed that she had also done things or committed crime in her youth.

Mrs Jones stated that she would not tell about her crime to Roger or anybody else, not even to God if he had not already come to know about it.

9) what were the questions that had occurred to the Tsar? Why did he need correct answers to those questions? What did he do when he was not satisfied with the answers of the learned men? (3+1+2=6)

Ans : The first question that the Tsar wanted to know was about the right time when he should do any work. The second question was about the person whom the Tsar should pay heed to. The third question was about the most important activity that he should undertake.
The Tsar felt that he would never fail in anything if you could know the answers to these questions.
Being dissatisfied with the answers given by the learned men , the Tsar decided to meet and consult with a hermit who was famous for his wisdom.

10) how did the Tsar nurse the wounded man? (6)

Ans : when the bearded man fainted, the Tsar unfastened his clothes with the help of the hermit. He saw a large wound in the stomach. The Tsar carefully washed the wound and bandaged it with his handkerchief and a towel. Till the blood stopped flowing from the wound , he washed and the rebandaged the wound again and again. When the man came to his senses the Tsar brought freshwater for him to drink. At nightfall, he carried the man inside the hermit's Cottage and laid him on the bed to rest.

11)'' you have already been answered, '' - - what had already been answered? How did the Tsar at first react to this statement? How did the Hermit explain the answer? (2+1+3=6)

Ans : The three questions that occurred in the mind of the Tsar about the right time for doing something, right person to pay heed to and the most important work for a person, have already been answered.

The Tsar was at first very astonished and wanted to know how he had been answered.
The hermit explained the incidents that happened to the Tsar to give the answers. He said that when the Tsar had been digging the beds , it was the most important time and the hermit was the most important person and doing good for him was the most important work. Later, the time of nursing the wounded man was the most important time and the man wounded was the most important person and helping the man was the most important work for the Tsar.

12) How did the wounded man become an enemy of the Tsar and try to take revenge? How did he become the Tsar's friend? (3 +3=6)

Ans : The wounded Man became the enemy of the Tsar because the Tsar had killed his brother and seized his property. He wanted to take revenge on the Tsar by  killing him and had been waiting for him in an ambush in the wood to attack him. 

When the man came to the hermit's hut after being wounded by the Tsar's Bodyguard, he fainted near the Tsar. The Tsar nursed him by washing and bandaging his  wounds carefully. Later the Tsar laid him on the bed for the night's rest. At this, the man felt grateful to the Tsar for saving his life and became his friend. 

Hope this suggestion will help you to make high score in your coming examinations. 

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