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How to write a complaint letter Complaint letter sample

How to write a complaint letter:Complaint letter sample

Hi students today we will discuss about a process in which we can learn from complaint letter sample from this article. so why are you waiting? let's see the example.

How to write a complaint letter Complaint letter sample

How to write a complaint letter Complaint letter sample

1) A letter of complaint about late  or irregular delivery of letters.

The Post master
Bagbazar Post Office
Kolkata - - 4

          Sub :Late delivery of letters
I beg to bring to your notice that of late there has been irregularities and delay in the delivery of letters addressed to me. The letters often reach me too late and causes serious loss and inconvenience. Cases of Misdelivery of letters too are not infrequent.
I would, therefore, request you to look into the matter and take necessary steps to put down such irregularity in future.
Thanking you,
                                                    Yours faithfully,
Dated :17.10.18
3, Shyam pukur Street
Kolkata-700004.                       Your name

2) suppose you have lost your bicycle write a letter to the officer- in- charge of your local police station reporting the loss and requesting him to take necessary actions.

The officer - in - charge
Regent Park PS
PO. Regent Park
Kolkata 700040
                 Sub : loss of bicycle
This is to bring to your notice the fact that my bicycle has been missing since yesterday morning. At about 10 a.m I went into a soft named 'Annapurna' ranikuthi bus stop, keeping my bicycle locked outside. When I came out after 5 minutes the cycle was no more there. I searched for it for a long time but failed to trace it. The nearby shopkeeper too could not say anything about it. For your information I can state that mine is a brand new bi- cycle of The Hero Ranger model and it is of bottle green colour. The number of the cycle is B 6970 and the height age 24 inch. It has been full chain cover and cosy seat.
I shall be obliged if you kindly arrange to find my lost by cycle at the earliest. Please do the needful.
Thanking you,
                                              Yours faithfully,
Dated :17.10.18.                 Your name 
3, Shyam pukur Street

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