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Check 10 important narration change- Madhyamik test 2018

Check 10 important narration change¦

Madhyamik test 2018

Hi students today we will discuss about some important  Grammar  from the narration change which may be important for your forthcoming test examinations examination 2018.
Check 10 important narration change- Madhyamik test 2018

Check 10 important narration change- Madhyamik test 2018 

Check 10 important narration change for the Madhyamik test examination 2018:

1) she said to me, '' Are you well? ''

 she asked me if I was well.

2) The boy said to his friend, '' I went to school yesterday. ''

The boy told his friend that he had gone to school the previous day.

3)'' what's your problem? '' said the doctor to the patient.

The doctor asked the patient what his problem was.

4) he said, '' what a wonderful sight! ''

He exclaimed that it was a very wonderful sight.

5) mother said to her son,'' don't run in the sun''.

Mother advised her son not to run in the sun.

6) he said to me,''Bravo! well done. ''

He encouraged me by saying that I had done well.

7) they said, '' long live our leader. ''

They wished that their leader might live long.

8) the girl said to her mother, '' let me stay alone. ''

The girl requested her mother to allow her to stay alone.

9)'' you are half an hour late,'' Samuel said.

Samuel said that he was half an hour late.

10) The Tribe said,'' Swear now you will plant two. ''

The Tribe asked to swear that he would plant two then.

Hope this suggestion will help you a lot for your examination. Thank you for your support

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