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20 important voice change ||Madhyamik test 2018 (95 %)

20 important voice change ||Madhyamik test 2018 👉95 %

Dear students how are you ? Today I am gonna discuss about the voice change from madhyamik syllabus which may be most important for madhyamik test 2018 .
20 important voice change ||Madhyamik test 2018 (95 %)

20 important voice change ||Madhyamik test 2018 (95 %) 

Some important voice change for the Madhyamik students:

1) I know the man. 
The man is known to me. 

2) please maintain silence in this room. 
You are requested to maintain  silence in this room

3) shut the door. 
Let the door be shut. 

4) Samuel was teaching arithmetic
Arithmetic was being taught by Samuel

5) we are torn up
People/ you tore us up. 

6) Honey tastes sweet. 
Honey is sweet when it is tasted. 

7) Gandhiji had been shot on his way to a prayer meeting. 
Someone had shot Gandhiji on his way to a prayer meeting. 

8) all I ask is a windy day. 
All that is asked by me is a windy day. 

9) the Ashes were immersed in the Ganges. 
They immersed the Ashes in the Ganges. 

10) the compartment was decked with flowers. 
They decked the compartment with flowers. 

11) promises should be kept. 
One should keep one's promises. 

12) people on the train sang bhajans. 
Bhajans were sung by the people on the train. 

13) father snatched the letter
The letter was snatched by father

14) the dream altered me. 
I was altered by the dream. 

15) we pasted gold tinsel start all over it. 
Gold  tinsel stars were pasted all over it by us. 

16)  we patched the kite up with the letter.
The kite was patched up with the letter by us. 

17) the poet asks for a tall ship. 
A tall ship is asked for by the poet. 

18) the teacher was inspecting the home lesson. 
The home lesson was being inspected by the teacher. 

19) they did not make a sound. 
 not a sound was made by them. 

20) what will the teacher think if I go so late? 
What will be thought by the teacher if I go so late? 

Hope this article will help you to get high marks in your coming examinations. 

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