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QUESTION SITE |MCQ SUGGESTION 2019|Jimmy valentine|part 2

QUESTION SITE |MCQ SUGGESTION 2019|Jimmy valentine|part 2

MCQ SUGGESTION 2019 Jimmy valentine  part 2

                                                MCQ SUGGESTION 2019 Jimmy valentine 


1) Jimmy came to his room by - - train.

2) Jimmy's room was above - Mike Dolans Cafe.

3) Mike Dolan was Jimmy's -- friend.

4) Ben price was- a famous detective.

5) The Detective who arrested Jimmy was-- Ben price.

6) Jimmy's safe cracking tools were hidden in - - the Wall of his room.

7) the safe cracking tools cost Jimmy over --Nine hundred dollars.

8) A guard escorted Jimmy - - to the front office.

9) Jimmy took his pardon - - in a tired kind of way.

10) the warden regarded Jimmy--- not a bad fellow at heart.

11) the warden advised Jimmy- to stop cracking safes and live straight.

12) when Jimmy was set free, the warden gave him-- a cigar and shook hands.

13) Jimmy's suitcase case contains a complete set of tools - - to help him burgle safes and vaults.

14) Jimmy gazed fondly at the-- finest set of burglar's tools in the East.

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