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MCQ SUGGESTION 🔥 Jimmy Valentine

MCQ SUGGESTION 🔥 Jimmy Valentine

MCQ SUGGESTION 2019 - Jimmy Valentine
MCQ SUGGESTION 2019 - Jimmy Valentine 


1) Jimmy Valentine is a story written by - O Henry.
2) Jimmy Valentine is a story of a - reformed criminal.
3) The hero of the story Jimmy Valentine was- Jimmy Valentine.
4) Jimmy Valentine was- a skilled safe cracker.
5) Jimmy Valentine was in- the prison.
6) Jimmy Valentine was working- in the prison shoe shop.
7) Jimmy Valentine was-- stitching shoes.
8) Jimmy Valentine was escorted to-- the front office.
9) the front office was the office of-- the warden
10) Jimmy was sentenced for-- four years.
11) Jimmy was released from the prison after-- ten months.
12) Jimmy expected  to stay in the prison only about-- three months.
13) Cronin was - - a prison guard.
14) the next morning Jimmy came to the warden office-- at 7:15am/quarter past seven
15) The clerk handed Jimmy a railroad ticket and-- the five dollar bill.
16)In the prison Valentine was marked by the
number-- 9762
17) Valentine 9762 was recorded on the books called - - pardoned by Governor.
18) The real name of valentine 9762 was - - Mr James Valentine.
19) 'Mr James Valentine walked out into the sunshine 'in the line the' sunshine' symbolises
20) leaving the prison Jimmy went straight to a-- restaurant.


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