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Madhyamik test suggestion 2019Madhyamik test suggestion 2019, part 3

Madhyamik test suggestion 2019 🔥 ENGLISH 🔥 Test examination||PART 3

Madhyamik test suggestion 2019
Madhyamik test suggestion 2019

Very short type questions and answer from the poem' The Snail':

1) what does the snail usually stick itself to or which objects does the snail stick to?

The snail usually sticks close to the grass, leaf, fruit or wall.

2) where does the snail never fear to fall from?

The snail never fears to fall from the grass, leaf , fruit or wall.

3) when does the snail hide in his house or when does the snail hide?

The snail hides in his house at the time of coming danger. He can sense any future danger and he hides himself in his own shell.

4) what does the snail do at times of danger?

The snail hides himself in his own shell house at times of danger.

5) where does the snail find safety?

The snail finds safety within his house, his own hard shell.

6) what happens when someone touches the horns of of a nail slightly?

When someone touches the horns of a snail slightly, he shrinks back into his shell with much displeasure.

7) what is meant by' self collecting pow'r '?

The phrase' shelf collecting pow'r' means the  self controlling power.

8) what kind of a life does the snail live?

The snail leads a lonely life. He lives a very well satisfied life like a hermit.

9) how does the snail live in his house?

The snail lives a lonely life like a well satisfied life of a hermit.

10) why does the snail live alone?

The snail lives alone because he prefers a calm and quiet life.

11) what makes the snail well satisfied?

To be his own whole Treasure makes the snail well satisfied.

12) what does the snail consider to be his own whole treasure?

The self - sufficient life of the snail without any want or possession is to be his own whole treasure.


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Therefore it is our appeal to you to kindly look into the matter and publish my article on your esteemed daily so that the concerned authorities  may take necessary steps to eradicate  the problem. 
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