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SAQ Questions and answers of Class 11 chapter Jimmy valentine


SAQ questions and answers from Jimmy Valentine:

1) what was the name of the town where Jimmy arrived?

The name of the town where Jimmy arrived was Elmore.

2) How did Jimmy look when he came to Elmore?

Jimmy looked very handsome like a college student when he came to Elmore.

3) With whom did Jimmy encounter on the street?

Jimmy encountered with a lovely young lady named Annabel Adams on the street.

4) who was Miss Annabel Adams? 

Miss Annabel Adams was the daughter of the owner of the Elmore bank.

5) where did Jimmy plan to settle in elmore? 

Jimmy planned to settle in the planters' hotel in Elmore. 

6) what business did Jimmy start in Elmore? 

Jimmy started shoe business in Elmore. 

7) what name  did Jimmy register in planters' hotel? 

Jimmy registered his name as Ralph D Spencer in planters' hotel. 

8) who did Jimmy write a letter to? 

Jimmy wrote a letter to one of his old friends in St. Louis named Billy. 

9) where did Jimmy ask his old friend Billy to meet? 

Jimmy asked his old friend Billy to meet at sullivan's place in Little Rock. 

10) why did Jimmy call his friend to meet? 

Jimmy called his friend to meet for giving him the present of his favourite kit of tools. 

11) when did Ben price arrive in elmore? 

Ben price arrived in Elmore on Monday night. 

12) why would Jimmy go to Little Rock the next morning? 

Jimmy would go to Little Rock the next morning to order his wedding suit and to buy something for Annabel. 

13) who was Dolph Gibson? 

Dolph Gibson was the driver of Jimmy's Buggy. 

14) what was Mr Adams proud of? 

  Mr Adams was proud of his brand new Bank vault. 

15) what were the names of annabel's sister's daughters? 

The names of annabel's sister's daughters were May and Agatha. 

16) how old was may? 

May was nine years old. 

17) how old was Agatha? 

Agatha was five years old. 

18) who was locked in the vault? 

Agatha was locked in the vault. 

19) who had shut Agatha in the vault? 

Agatha's elder sister, May shut her in the vault. 

20) how had May shut Agatha  in the vault? 

May had shut  Agatha in the vault in a spirit of play. 

21) how long did Jimmy take to break the bank vault? 

Jimmy took ten minutes to break the

 bank vault. 

22) how did Jimmy save Agatha? 

Jimmy broke the bank vault and saved Agatha. 

23) why did Ben price act strangely? 

Ben price acted strangely as he found Jimmy Valentine reformed altogether. 


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