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West bengal board of higher secondary education || Long question ||sonnet 18 ||PART 3

West bengal board of higher secondary education ||

Long question ||sonnet 18 ||PART 3

West bengal board of higher secondary education || Long question ||sonnet 18 ||PART 3

West bengal board of higher secondary education || Long question ||sonnet 18 ||PART 3

Long questions from' shall I compare thee to a summer's day'. :

1) what do the rough winds do?  What does the phrase' summer's lease 'suggest? What are the deficiencies of the summer season? (1+2+3=6)

Ans : in the poem, Shakespeare says that the Rough winds sometimes shake off the darling Buds and therefore destroy the natural beauty.

The phrase summer's lease' suggests the span of life granted to summer. This is a legal term. Here the summer's duration is very short. The season will not continue forever. it will have its natural end according to the course of time.

There are many shortcomings that accompany the beauty of Summer. The buds of the summer season are no doubt lovely but they are often destroyed by the rough winds before they can bloom completely. 
Again sometimes the excessive heat of the Sun or the cloudy weather reveals its inconsistency. 

2)How does  Shakespeare immortalize his friends beauty? (6)

The poet wants to save his friend from the onslaughts of time. The beauty of his friend is better than that of a  summer's day. The beauty of a summer's day is often inconsistent. The sun is too hot sometimes and sometimes the sun is dimmed by clouds. At time rough winds spoil the beauty of the season. The lovely elements of Summer also do not last long. So the poet realises the futility of immortalizing his friend by comparing him to a summer's day. He perceives that only the verses written by him can eaternalize the beauty of his friend.
His verses are imperishable and therefore the beauty and virtues of his friend will be retained forever through the verses .

3) ''.... and this gives life to thee''. - - what does' this' refer to? Who is referred to by 'thee'? How does' this' give life?(1+1+4=6)

Ans :'This' refers to the verse written by the poet, William Shakespeare.

'Thee' refers to the poet's friend Mr. W. H.,who is also the poet's patron.

The poet William Shakespeare infers in Sonnet no 18, that his friend will live forever despite the cruel blows of time.
This will be made possible by The Immortal verses or sonnets written by the poet. The entire human race will read this sonnets as long as they thrive. In this way the friends beauty will be celebrated forever in this mortal world. Even the relentless March of time will be unable to destroy the Fame of the friend as depicted in the Sonnet. 


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