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Project english 2018-19 (internal assessment)

Project english 2018-19 (internal assessment)

Class 11

Project english 2018-19 (internal assessment)
class 11 project guidance english 

Project(internal assessment /word limit :1000-1500 words)   20 marks 

1)imagination and originality - 5 marks 

2)organization - 5 marks 

3)language and expression - 5 marks 

4)viva voice - 3 marks 

5)neatness (file presentation) - 2 marks 


                                          Total - 20 marks 

Topics :

1)Dramatization a story 

2)extensions of a story 

3)writing an autobiography 

( Among the above three the student has to submit any one as per the instruction of his / her teacher guide) 

Steps for writing a project work

A. Project in WBCHSE syllabus

 The West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education has incorporated the project work as a mandatory assignment in its new syllabus.

For the students of class- 11, 3 topics have been selected by the Council for the project work which are as follows:

1) dramatization of a story

2) extension of a story

3) writing an autobiography

( among the above Three Student has to submit any one as per the instruction of his/ her teacher guide)

What is project?

A project is an individual or collaborative enterprise, that is possibly Associates research work and design with careful planning, commonly by a group or an individual to attend a particular goal. 

     In other words, a project may also be called a set of interlinked tasks to be executed within a definite period of time. 

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