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Transcription services online, Three questions by Leo Tolstoy#PART 4

Transcription services online :Three questions by Leo Tolstoy#PART 4

  Transcription services online,Three questions by Leo Tolstoy#PART 4

Hi students this time I'm going to discuss the mcq questions of three questions written by leo tolstoy with Transcription services online in the video given above. 

So, let's start. 

 MCQ type questions from three questions of Transcription discussed today :

1) in the course of the short story, the Tsar asked for answers to his questions from the hermit - - twice.*

2) before the man fainted on the ground, he was---moaning feebly.

3) To bandage The man's wound the Tsar took from the hermit - - - a towel.

4) the man had a severe wound-- in his stomach.

5) the Tsar removed  the blood soaked bandage - - several times.

6) after the man revived he asked for--- drink.

7) the Tsar with the hermit help laid the wounded man on the--- bed.

8) the sleep of the Tsar that night was--- sound.

9) the season when the incident takes place is--- summer. *

10) when the Tsar woke up, the wounded man asked from him--- his forgiveness. *

11)  the man who was wounded was--- the brother of a man whom the Tsar executed. 

12) the man was wounded by--- the Bodyguard of the Tsar. 

13) the man came out from his Ambush because--- the Tsar  was not returning. 

14) the Tsar was very glad because--- his enemy had become his friend. 

15) the Tsar promised the man--- Restoration of his property. 

16)  The Tsar fell asleep on the---threshold.*

17) The Wound of the bearded man was bandaged with--- handkerchief and towel. 

18) the wounded man was the Tsarns---enemy

19) when the Tsar met the hermit for the last time, the hermit was---sowing seeds. 

20) according to the hermit, the most important time is the---- present. *

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