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Online classes - Mcq and saq from 'Three questions' by Leo Tolstoy

Online classes - Mcq and saq from 'Three questions' by Leo Tolstoy

Online classes - Mcq and saq from 'Three questions' by Leo Tolstoy

Online classes - Mcq and saq from 'Three questions' by Leo Tolstoy 

Hi students, this is an online classes for the students of class 12 who will appear in 2019 HS english exam. The course provides an excellent service for students with suggestion and information about english. So please follow the link given below, to get notes and suggestions time to time. 

MCQ type question and answer from three questions of online classes :

1) in order to find out the right answer, that Tsar decided to visit a-hermit.
2) the clothes that the Tsar wore before visiting the sage were - simple.
3) the Tsar went to the forest to visit the hermit - on a horse.
4) the Tsar went to visit the hermit-- with his Bodyguard.
5) The hermit was famous for-- his wisdom.
6) the hermit used to live in - - - a forest.
7) the hermit received only--- common people.
8) when the Tsar went to visit the hermit , the latter was - - - digging holes.
9) the hermit was working with_--- a spade.
10) the hermit was - - - weak.
11) the Tsar stopped digging when--- the sun was about to sink.

Short answer type questions from online classes :
1) where did the hermit live?

The hermit lived in a wood which he never quitted.

2) why did the Tsar put on Simple clothes before visiting the hermit?

The Tsar put on Simple clothes because he knew that the hermit received only common people.

3) what was the hermit renowned for?

The hermit was renowned for his wisdom.

4) what was the hermit doing when the Tsar approached him?

The hermit was digging the ground in front of his hut when the Tsar approached him.

5) what did the hermit do on seeing the Tsar?

On seeing the Tsar, the hermit greeted him and went on digging.

6) what was the physical condition of The hermit?

The hermit was frail and weak.

7) why did the hermit breathe heavily?

The hermit breathed heavily because he was too frail and weak to Undertaker the heavy toil of digging the ground.

8) what did the hermit do just after listening the Tsar's questions?

The hermit just spat on his hand and recommenced digging without answering the Tsar.

9) what did the Tsar offer the hermit?

The Tsar offered the hermit to help him to dig the ground with the spade.

10) why did the Tsar want to help the hermit?

The Tsar wanted to help the hermit because the latter was tired and also The Tsar had to no get the answers from the hermit.

11) how many  beds did the Tsar dig before repeating his questions?

The Tsar dug two beds before repeating his questions.

12) when did the Tsar finally stop his digging?

The Tsar finally stopped his digging when the sun begin to sink behind the trees.

13) what is the Tsar do after finishing his digging?

After finishing his digging the Tsar stuck the spade into the ground and repeated his questions.

So students hope you find this  online classes useful and helpful for your coming exams . So please follow us for updates  


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