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Jimmy valentine long questions and answers, suggestion

Jimmy valentine long questions and answers, suggestion :

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Today I will discuss about the long question and answers suggested questions from Jimmy Valentine. So let's start

Jimmy valentine long questions and answers, suggestion

Long questions and answers from Jimmy Valentine

1) Draw a pen picture on the character of Jimmy Valentine.(5)

Ans : Jimmy Valentine is one of the very popular characters drawn by O Henry. Jimmy is a handsome, smart, well dressed and fashionable young man. But his profession is not so elegant as his appearance as he is a notorious burglar , skilled in his profession. But at heart Jimmy is a great human beings who does not forget to drop a dime into blind beggar's hat from the Five Dollar he got at his release. This broadness of his heart is witnessed in his sacrificial action in saving a helpless child and his deep unconditional love for his lady love Annabel. In a word, Jimmy,though a criminal is also a great human being whom a  detective Ben price shows due honour. 

2) which burglaries were reported after the release of Jimmy Valentine from the jail?

Ans : After a week of Jimmy Valentine's  release from the jail A Hundred dollar was burgled from a safe in Richmond, Indiana. In the next week of this incident fifteen hundred dollars was stolen from a burglar proof safe in a place called Logansport. Then an old fashioned Bank safe in Jefferson City erupted five thousand dollars from its crater. These were the three consecutive burglaries reported after the release of Jimmy Valentine.

3) make a short character sketch of Ben price.(5)

Ben price is the efficient police officer or detective who nabbed Jimmy and sent him to jail for his crime in Springfield. But soon after his release Jimmy committed three consecutive burglaries. Ben price was called in and analysing the mode of operation came to the conclusion that these were Done by none other than Jimmy. He started to follow Jimmy trail and finally reached elmore where Jimmy was living with the false identity of  Ralph D Spencer. But when he visited the elmore bank to arrest Jimmy, he found that Jimmy had once again cracked the safe only to save the life of a child. Ben price was a true hero at heart and he left feigning that he had not recognised Jimmy.

4)'' there he tasted the sweet joys of Liberty''-- who was he?Where and how did he taste Sweet joys of Liberty? Why was it sweet to him? (1+2+2=5)

Here he refers to Jimmy Valentine who was released  from the jail.
After his release from the jail Jimmy went towards a restaurant. There he tasted  sweet Liberty in the form of a broilerd chicken and a bottle of white wine. After that he started smoking a Cigar of superior quality.

Jimmy had been in imprisoned for ten long months and had to eat whatever was given to him as a prisoner. Therefore eating something after his taste appeared sweet to him.

5)' Mr Spencer was a success' - who was Mr Spencer? Describe in brief the success he has achieved? (2+3=5)

Mr Spencer was actually Jimmy Valentine who changed his name as Ralph D Spencer after coming elmore and registered that name in the hotel record.

Jimmy came to elmore and met Annabel Adams and this meeting changed the course of his life. He decided to live honestly and opened a shoe store there. Before long his business flourished and socially also he gained the confidence of the community. Apart from this he was engaged to marry his sweetheart Annabel Adams within a year of his stay in Elmore.

Hope you can learn about the long question and answers suggested questions from Jimmy Valentine . 
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