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Important grammar of Jimmy Valentine - a key to success

Important grammar of Jimmy Valentine - a key to success

Important grammar of Jimmy Valentine - a key to success

Important grammar of Jimmy Valentine - a key to success 


Voice change from Jimmy Valentine

1) The Warden handed Jimmy his pardon.

Jimmy was handed his Pardon by the warden.

2) stop cracking safes.

Let cracking safes be stopped.

3) take him back.

Let he be taken back.

4) the warden gave him a Cigar.

He was given a Cigar by the warden.

5) this statement delighted Mike so much.

Mike was so much delighted by this statement.

6) he's resumed business.

Business has been resumed by him.

7) Ben price  knew Jimmy's habits.

Jimmy's habits were known to Ben price.*

8) Her Pa owns this Bank. 

This bank is owned by Her pa.

9) he had thought of the shoe business.

The shoe business  had been thought of by him.

10) the clerk was impressed by the clothes and manner of Jimmy.

The clothes and manner of Jimmy impressed the clerk. *

11) he would carry up his suitcase.

His suitcase would be carried up by him.

12) I have quit the old business.

The old business has been quitted by me.

13) she believes in me.

I am believed in by her.

14) Jimmy set his suitcase down.

His suitcase was set down by Jimmy.

15)May had shut Agatha in the vault.

Agatha had been shut in the vault by May.

16) the door can't be opened.

No one can open the door.

17) open the door.

Let the door be opened.

Narration change from Jimmy Valentine

1)'' stop cracking safes and live straight'',said the warden to jimmy.

The warden advised Jimmy to stop cracking safes and live straight.

2)'' take him back,Cronin, '' said the warden.

The warden ordered Cronin  to take him back.

3)'' isn't that young lady polly Simpson? '' asked Jimmy.

Jimmy asked if that young lady was polly Simpson.

Transformation of sentences:

1) he had expected to stay only about three months.( complex)

He had expected that he would stay only about three months.

2) he got his key and went upstairs( simple)

Getting his key,he went upstairs.

3) it was a complete set( complex) 

It was a set which was complete

4) a young lady crossed the street. ( complex) 

A lady who was young crossed the street.

5) he set his suitcase  on this table and opened it out flat. ( simple)

Setting his suitcase on the table, he opened it out flat. 

Interchange of parts of speech

1) the statement delighted Mike. ( adjective form of delighted/ verb form of statement)

The statement was delightful to Mike.
What he stated delighted Mike.

Affirmative to negative or vice versa

1) you are not a bad fellow at heart( affirmative)

You are a good fellow at heart.

2) Jimmy never has to drill but one hole( affirmative)

Jimmy always has to drill only one hole.

3) Ben price knew Jimmy's habits.( negative) 

Jimmy's habits were not unknown to Ben price.

4) he gazed fondly at the finest set of burglar's tool in the East( comparative degree) 

He gazed fondly at the finest burglar's tool which was finer than any other set in the East.

5) I am going to marry the finest girl on earth two weeks from now. ( comparative degree)

Two weeks from now I am going to marry a girl who is finer than any other girl on earth.

Split up into two Simple sentences:

1) he got his key and went upstairs.

He got his key. He went upstairs.

2) socially he was also a success and made many friends. 

Socially he was a success. He made many friends. 

3) on the Monday night Jimmy wrote this letter. 

It was Monday night. Jimmy  wrote this letter. 

4) he set his suitcase on the table and opened it out flat. 

He set his suitcase on the table. He opened it out flat. 

Hope you can learn more about grammar from this article . 


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